How to add a prompt for Check # for Check Payment Type

Simple Tutorial to add a prompt for Check Number that is stored as Payment Description for Check payment type.

Add a payment processor to your Check Payment Type.

Settings for the processor:

Description Template:

[?Check Number:::ON]

Report for tracking:

[Check Transactions:1,1, 1, 1]
>Ticket Id|Date|Check #|Amount
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.TicketId,P.Date,P.Description,P.Amount:(PT=Check)}

You could improve on this by adding Customer Name, Phone Number, DL Number etc.

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Is it possible to have input of customer details of any unique number there as payment descriptor? Key question is can you help me collect in put of payment descriptor?

Sorry. You have given what I am asking for.

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sorry i feel dump, it is necesary to check a box or something because it not apear the promp

Click on the “Ask Payment Description” then select “Settings” on the right (it will turn blue when you select “Ask Payment Description”). Enter Description Template into the box that pops-up. The description area where you entered your info in is for your personal/future notes. It’s a little confusing because they both say “Description”.