How to add a terminal to SambaPOS

Hi Kendash

have seen you helping many
can you please help add a terminal to my existing SAMBAPOS

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@ckr I moved this from your PM to here. We prefer you to ask questions in forum vs using PM it gets better response and we want to help everybody.

To answer you with a better answer can you share what version of SambaPOS you are using? Is it version 4 or version 5?

am using v4. have to add one terminal

You install SambaPOS 4 to the new terminal and you go to Local Settings > Database and you enter your connection string.

Are you using SQL Express? Or the local DB version?

You will need SQL Express to use multiple terminals here is a great tutorial for installing and configuring the latest version.

sql management studio on one machine

SQL Management Studio is not the SQL Server its the tool you use to connect to SQL Server to configure and manage it.

Can you provide a screenshot of your Local Settings > Database screen on your main terminal?

i read this in detail…did every thing it said…however, doesnt connect

I will help you in detail but we need more information first can you answer my question above.

this is what i have installed for sql

Ok so your new terminals will use the exact same connection string with one small change. where it says localhost that needs to be the main computers name instead. For example if your computer name is pc1 then it would look like this:

Data Source=pc1\SAMBAPOS4; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=SAMBAPOS4

When I say PC name it should be the name of the main computer that has SQL Express installed not the name of the new terminal.

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thats what i do…however, it gives error

Can you show the error? Also show us the connection string from the New Terminal.

i can see/access various folder to / from both PCs, but SAMBA connection doesnt work

sure…give me second

So that rules out network issue. It means your network is working great so its more than likely a SQL server configuration issue. Likely permissions.

Here is a wonderful resource for you as well.

Now am on terminal PC