How to add a terminal to SambaPOS


in the meanwhile i copied files one by one direct into the query…it took all the data…however, when i press Execute…following error . i think its because of too much data



You need to run each txt file in separate queries.

So if you have 20 txt files you will run 20 queries.


ok…let me try that


Ive done it on mine and it works just fine. Your database is large has a lot of tickets so it had to spread the queries out due to memory issues.


great…i will confirm here once i am done…appreciate your assistance


Does this look familiar?


yes…this is. but are you able to select one of the cutomer and raise and complete a ticket against that ?


Yep I just ran individual queries and it built it just fine. Says 85 open tickets lets me open them… create new ones etc.

So just run all 20 queries individually and it will build your database for you.


am at file 12…will be able to confirm in 15 mins


Works perfect …thanks


i will continue other issues until everything is fine…can you please assist with the following…backup module giving error



That error message is easy to spot… it says permission denied. SambaPOS does not have permission to access that folder.

You have two options to remedy this.

  1. Mess with permissions until you can get it access (Not recommended)
  2. Use a folder that is not protected by the operating system.


ya…but i dont know how to fix this. i dont put any limitation on any user. am the admin for the PC as well…how/where to check that restrictions ?


No your not… windows fooled you… ever since windows Vista this has changed. Microsoft realized that giving people full admin power all the time typically resulted in people ruining their systems and they got tired of that headache. So they restrict specific parts of the OS that they feel can be system compromizing if user messes with it. Even with Admin account the OS protects it.

Bottom line is MS realized that too many people that have no clue what they are doing wanted admin privlage and would wreck their OS because well they had no clue what they were doing. So they control some aspects of the OS and you do not have true admin over everything.


done…may be because it was in C. now i changed the destination to D drive…its fine…thanks again :smile:


You can research it with google but Microsoft protects specific folders even from Admin. They got tired of having to fix peoples messes with giving them full admin rights on everything. Not everyone needed admin but everyone thought they did lol.

If you remember windows 98 days… Administrator account would let you delete everything from System32 folder if you wanted… resulting in unusable pc and losing everything. Yes people did that lol.

Windows vista is when they first started to crack down on this… and they went a little extreme so people hated it because it caused anoying popups and restrictions etc.

EVERYTHING that people hated about vista to this day is still in the OS and is a huge success. They had to learn how to use it first with Vista.


yup…understand now


True power users still hate it to this day… but they understand it.

PS: True power users figure out how to bypass it :stuck_out_tongue: I dont recommend that unless you know what your doing.