How to add a terminal to SambaPOS


i simply moved to back in another folder…didnt change any permissions


User folders are part of that OS protection I was referring too. Other folders are not so it has access to that.


a non-relevant question …if someone can help please

have got Epson TM T88v thermal printers (used) from a restaurant closing downstairs. The printers have only Ethernet ports. When i plug them to PC, nothing happens…means PC doesnt detect. Can i really use printers with Sambapos ? how will i be able to attach this to network having my POS machines ? Its basically a hardware related issue…


Connect them to a router or switch then you can search and add them from network.


Ya…but they will some kind of installation too ?


Yes of course you should install drivers for the printer , if you don’t have CD download it from the company website


Expect a solution was fond already since last post was 4 months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

In a pinch you can also try using generic text printer drivers which come pre-loaded in windows.


hhhha you are right but I thought that maybe helpfull for someone else


Hello everybody,
I just installed the Samba POS 5 in a PC as server. Also installed SQL Server Exp 2014. Connected successfully to Samba POS. I also installed Management Studio both in server and client PC. Both PC sharing is ok. But couldn’t connect from client PC, just get this message.

TITLE: Connect to Server

Cannot connect to DESKTOP-DM8AV45\SQLEXPRESS.


A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified) (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: -1)

For help, click:

I also turned off firewall. Now I have nothing to do. So now need your help. so I am here…
Thanks all in advance.


Forst check you can ping the server from the client machine so you know connection is good.
did you follow the SQL tutorial with setting the named pipes etc?
Did you set mixed mode auth correctly?

  1. Can you ping the server from client terminal ok??

  2. Remote connection to sql database would require ip address plus port number to be used on client pc.

  3. To set up sql port, you have to open sql configuration manager…go to network protocol, enable tcp/ip… restart service. Then go back to network protocol… double click tcp/ip. Go to second box which i think is called addresses or something… scroll to bottom of page… where it says “dynamic port” remove it, and just above it should be a section for port number. Enter a number (i like to use 49170). Press ok. Restart sql service again.

E.g. if server ip is set to then you would put in client pc…,49170.
You must have enabled mixed user mode during sql installation and set up a password.

Insert the username as …sa… and password is(whatever you set it to) and database name can be empty if creating a new database or type a name of your own(if you want to name it yourself… default is SambaPOS5 if you leave it blank)

Then click ok and then apply. If you set it up correctly you should be able to connect to the server successfully.

Note: all this configuration must be done on the server system. As the only thing you will be doing ok client terminal is inserting database connection string in sambapos.


I also ping and ge the connection OK. Also followed the tutorial. Mixed Server- OK, Tried to connect with IP and port number. UserName and Password OK.

I thing I fulfilled all the above requirements



On server machine. Open sql management.
Then remove whatever is in server name. And type the system ip address followed by the sql port number.
Change authentication to sql server authentication.
User name should be sa
And insert password.
If you successfully connected and can view database in object explorer. Then just try putting those settings into sambapos in client side and see if it connects ok


SQL Server management is connected successfully from client pc but Samba POS could not connect. Just get an message…

I am not sure about the message.
Please give me a solution.


See my SQL Management Studio screen shot…


Does it happen when you try to run SambaPOS from Client? Be sure SambaPOS in installed on the client is same version with the SambaPOS installed on server.


That connection string doesnt look right to me… for thesource
Data Source=localhost\SQLINSTANCE when DB is hosted on same machine

Is 49170 your instance or are you trying to use non standard ports?


Yes it is happening when I try to start the SambaPOS from client PC. And I am sure I installed SambaPOS V5162 in both client and server.


I followed this tutorial to create the instance.

So I use the 49170 as an instance.


Where you get that from - tutorial has SAMBAPOS as instance.
Either way connection string is backslash instance not comma?