How to add a terminal to SambaPOS


Sorry I forget to give you another tutorial link from which I followed. That was…


It’s a non samba tutorial so not going to be 100% applicable.
Ice ever tried setting a non default port, emire might be able to offer sugestion but is there any other reason you opt for that port?
SQL setup is well documented on forum so why not follow a tutorial you know works…


I also got this in Samba forum. So I accept this and SQL Server already connect using this port number.

But if you doubt about this I will try the way as you suggest me. Please give me a solution.


It connects to SQL but it tries to ALTER tables to migrate. If they are both .62 maybe you’re trying to connect to a database file SambaPOS actually use. How connection string configured on server?


Thanks Emre,
You are right. I made a mistake in the connection string in the client pc. In client pc I gave the name of a Samba4’s database (gpHouseData). But the actual database name was “testData5” which I gave in the server PC. Here attached the screen shot of the server connection string.

You are great Amre!
Thanks again


Hello Emry,
Now I am facing a new problem that when the anti-virus is turn on in server, client can’t connect with the server. After turn off the anti-virus and restart the server client can be connected. But the Anti-virus is necessary for the server.

So how can I solve the problem?


In your anti virus put message server and sambapos as an exception so it bypasses the filters in place. Also make sure your firewall is configures correctly


I quote:E.g. if server ip is set to then you would put in client pc…,49170.

Do i have to install the SQL Express on the Client PC as well?



SQL Express should be installed on the “server” Terminal only. It should not be installed on other Terminals.

The same goes for the Messaging Server Service: it should be installed on the “server” Terminal only. It should not be installed on other Terminals.


Thank you for the reply, lastly, how do i see if the client is connected to the database?


You will know the Client is connected when you can Login on the Terminal and see the Menu.


You should only follow tutorials that are related to SambaPOS