How to add change orderin ticket or after buying

So i have my restaurant and for example someone bought a cake for take out but after a while she wants to change it is it possible to change order inside ticket?


Setup refund. Simplest cleanest way.
Refund cake, ring in alternative.
Other might suggest open ticket and cancel payments options but that’s isn’t really the way to do it.


install More Ticket Actions from Samba Market, then add:

  • an Automation command to Reopen ticket
  • an Action to reopen ticket
  • a rule which calls reopen Action when Automation Command is executed

Thank you so muuch I will try it now :slight_smile: have a nice!

Thank you so much I will try it now :slight_smile: have a nice!

i agree, setting up a refund system. i have mine so it also prompts whether to add the item back into inventory or not, with full refund accounting

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Hello I manage to reopen my ticket thank you!

but here’s the problem since she want to change the cake and we cannot refund we just want to subtract it to the previous item that she get do you that is possible?


Why you simply don’t void the old article? Or copy the whole void functionality and rename it to refund.

Sorry but reopening and voiding is not the correct route.
Also void and refund are two completly different things!!

In you picture above your 23 product 1 should have already been paid for.
So they then change to product 2 for 50 right? Leaving 27 to pay since 23 already paid.
So forget the origional ticket for 23.
If you setup refund corectly you would then add product one for 23, select refund making ticket -23 then add product 2 for 50 leaving a balance of the 27 difference.

Here is emres tutorial for refund button;

My preference is to use invers qty rather than price since i would generally reat refund as a not sold/returned stock item. We have seperate system for wastage etc so would be counted there.


Hi team, I have followed the above tutorial, I wanted to know if there is a definite way of changing the items that have already been submitted and bill printed. In our situation, every order processed has to be accompanied by a bill when being served to the customers.
In most situations, the customers change the order after it has been posted so we end up void the previous order posted. This is creating a lot of variances in our sales report.

I would like to address this by allowing the waiters to change an order that has been posted rather than refund the item as proposed by McKay.Ideally, I want this to affect only items of the same price.

, For example, all beers are sold at $2.50 dollars, a customer may order 4pcs bucket of Carlsberg only to change to 4pcs of Heineken after the order has been posted and bill printed.
How can I affect this change without Voiding the ticket or Refunding?
I am looking for a way to switch submitted orders

That is not possible. Submitted orders can not be adjusted. You must void them and add a new one.

Why would it be creating varience? I dont understand that.