Negative quantity for refund

Just hit a snag in my setup being refund.
As sales are synced to 3rd part reopening closed tickets is a no go so the tutorial from Q is out the window.
The basic refund button tutorial only handles price and while increase inventory is used the second item (the refund) is counted as another sale as decrease inventory remains true from original order adding.
Changing decrease inventory to false means it is then not reported in item sales report.
If I were to accept that is the item was actually consumed the flow would be refund then add the order but as a gift (which kinda makes sence. Refund the original order/payment with negative quantity/price then ring in a gift order.
On that logic the item sales report adds up but am just woundering what ramifications this might have as not seen discussed before…
Settle screen doesnt like a negative quantity thats for sure or at least if refund/negative quantity is the only order.
Although if other positive qty orders displays the negative and even if there was -1 pint and +5 pints it would correctly show 4 pints.
Am just conserned that install is monday next week and overlooked this aspect.
Their stocktaker only goes by item sales report as dont use inventory system.

Single negative qty

Other orders works fine;

The negative qty makes sence to me so not sure if the settle screen not liking single negative is because its not been tried before…
If there are other normal orders it doesnt mind the negative only if just the one;

Then saying that its not the negative quantity it doesnt like its the negative price;
Negative price from basic refund tutorial - positive qty, negative price

@emre I think this is an issue with negative ticket total rather than anything to do with negative quantity…

Although it does some funky things to % sales LOL

Might want a completely separate setup for returns that can be filtered out of normal reports. You have lots of tools for this including ticket types, states, accounting documents etc.