How to add features as in a different program

I have no clue what your asking. That is a very ugly POS system though I am glad SambaPOS doesnt look like that.


Yes I now but sum repot and Features missi g and I don’t not dot

I understand what you are asking but that picture doesn’t help us understand the features you need at all.

Sorry for my en language

What is your language?

My English language very bad sorry

Sorry for bad Google Translate but:

هل تتكلم العربية؟

We can not understand what features you need from looking at that screenshot. Can you tell us what features you need?

I tell you very things I need in pos …
1- add employee
2- button flash report in out screen
3- can write name in table …
4- when I do color group give me one color …

And I need to add report for pudget manthly

Yes I speak arabic

Add employee to the ticket?

I am not sure what you mean by this.

You want the customers name in the Table? Take a look here:

I am not quite sure what you mean can you be more specific?

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Like that …

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Sometimes there is a lot of additions compressed files but there is no specific place for these additions

The colours in that screen shot are order groups. There is a post on the forum about those.

Each set of new orders on a ticket are ‘marked’ with the employee which added them.
If you need more you can do many ways like add a ticket tag with username on ticket created
If you mean new login for till --> Main Menu --> Manage --> Users

not sure what you mean but do you mean a current/‘live’ report like a x reading?
Main Menu --> Reports --> Work Period Report… shows the current figures as they are at that time.

Depends on how/where you want to show the name…
Ticket Tag maybe an option…
Customer Entity added as well as table?..

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