How to add fixed delivery charges included the ticket total

Hi, i need to add a fixed delivery charges and it should be included in ticket total amount which will be paid to deliverer so please help my to make this system.

hi. i think you can add as a product. And then you can add this product automaticly to ticket with rules.

no this is not suitable because when we need report about Deliverer to know that which ticket is delivered by deliverer and how much deliveries delivered by different Deliverer

you can report all you wants.

Use a calculation and report on delivery driver assigned to the ticket.

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sir basically i am new if you can provide me some details to do this i am thankfull to you

ok i see. you can add a ticket tag named Delivered or etc. Values will be 1 and 0.
and you can add this lines to report.

@{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:EC.Adı Soyadı:(ET=Deliverers)::,}    
>Total Delivered Count| {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TTN.Delivered.Sum:(TEC.Deliverer.Name=$1)} Adet 
>Total Delivered Pay| {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:[TTN.Delivered.Sum]*100:(TEC.Deliverer.Name=$1)} rs 

I used entity custom date for reporti. you must edit if you use entity name.

Let me give you an example to guide you through a picture that I designed to show that what i want.


ok i see. i think calculations types can be used.

but there is no option “Included Ticket Total” in calculation Type

no needto inculeded. this calculation will be between two account. Derivery Charges to Delivery Charges2. Delivery charges will be + and Delivery charges2 will be -

what is the solution sir

I tried somethings but no solution for now.

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its mean its a bad luck for me

How are you tracking delivery? Ticket Tag, Ticket Type or Department?

i am tracking through Ticket Tag

You will need to create an “Update Ticket Calculation” action. Fill in the Calculation Type field and the Amount (you can leave the other 3 fields empty).

Add a Rule with the event of “Ticket Tag Selected”. Use a Custom Constraint of Tag Name equals (your delivery tag)
Then add the new action you created.

Here is a link to a different calculation type options:

Thanks @Bob_be but I want to tell you that I want. All I want is to make this payment included Ticket Total. For example it looks like as we see in TAX template where we select " Ticket Types > Restaurant > Tax Included "

In what you are saying, the amount will be added along with the ticket total amount.

I hope you understand me.

I’m not sure I understand completely. Here is how the above suggestion works: