How to add monthly subscriptions in sambapos v5

Dear Community.

I am trying to set up SambaPos 5 for membership club. This membership club has 4 types of membership and their fee is different.

Male M 500
Female F 400
Juniors J 300
Family FM 900

I have worked through this

Name: First Last
Phone: 9009 0099
Unit: 3/F 3012
Building: Beutiful Bld
Street: Fine Road
District: West Dist , Country
Email: xxxxatmaildotcom
MembersId: L-9898
Members Type: M
Discount Type: S
Aproved Autopay: 1000
!!! Members authorised autopay amount
Is child of:
!!! Y if member is child of FM package.
Parent MN:
!!! Parents Membership N for child’s family membership package

I have created Subscription Department
I have Created Subscription Menu and linked to subscription department.

Subscription Menu has 4 items.
Subscription fee Male M 500
Subscription fee Female F 400
Subscription fee Juniors J 300
Subscription fee Family FM 900

Now I need to automatically add specific product from subscription Menu, to members Account depending upon their membership type at 1st day of every month.

I have created trigger to run on 1st of every month. How do i set up action , rule and J script to make this function able.

You would use the Trigger Executed rule event. Couple things about triggers you should know. If you happen to have a ticket open when trigger is set to fire it will not execute any actions.

Hi Kendash, Thanks for your Quick reply.

But how do i set up action and rule to add products automatically in members account even without open ticket window.

Here is my set up

You would need to use GraphQL but I’m still confused what your trying to do.

Since its a membership club i want to add monthly subscription fee automatically in members account statement please guide me im new to samba pos and not a programmer.

I’m not a programmer either and 99% of sambapos users are not programmers. You do not have to be a programmer to learn something new.

I can’t help you because your not being detailed enough. I could guess and make something to show you but it wouldn’t be what you want. You must give us more to go on.

Just saying membership club really does nothing. We need to know what flow you intend to build.

Hi Kendash,

My Set up till now. You will understand after viewing this.

Members Custom Fields.

Customer Entity Details page

Subscription Department Set up.

Subscription Menu

Customer Accounts

I want to automate this feature.

As in the above picture i want POS to automatically

  • create tickets for all customer accounts.

  • add the respective subscription product as per their membership type.

  • Close ticket

So we don’t need to select each customer and add subscription fee manually…

Thank you.

@Jesse I think the poster wanted to use a trigger to create a monthly invoice/bill for a customer based on their membership type. I never used “loops” but the trigger needs to go through all customers (members) and create an bill for them.

Issues here are:
Does it work for a work period open or closed?
Can we bill the entre customer base?
Can we create a collection of bills to send off for processing?

Classic recurring billing for a Membership database.

But I could be all wrong :flushed:

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There was a topic ages ago which was similar which was for a taxi company where driver’s paid a monthly fee to the office.
Driver’s were entities.
Either using a script and gql or loop you could go through entities create tickets and charge to account.
The work period question is a good one Paul.
If I remember correctly when we discussed the taxi one the suggestion was to have a work period started rule set for say 1sf of the month to popup and prompt to run the loop/script. That way it will be run inside a work period.