Setup Samba for Membership Club

Paid help required in setting up SambaPos5 for membership Club.


  1. Automatically Add subscription product to members account depending upon their membership type. More details How to add monthly subscriptions in sambapos v5

  2. At the statement creation time calculate the following:
    Amount to be paid from ApprovedAutopay and remainder by Cheque. (some thing like if ApprovedAutopay is more than total balance then Autopay Amount = Total Balance & Pay by cheque =0,
    Else Autopay Amount = Total ApprovedAutopay and by Cheque = (total balance-Approved Autopay).

  3. Autopay amount from above to be Automatically added to account transaction of as received on due date.

  4. Automatically add 20% discount to the items ordered from restaurant department for customers with DiscountType= S. If customer has order above $200 and the discount cannot go above $400.

  5. If order in restaurant department is below $200 charge account holder minimum $200.

  6. Automatically email statement at the end of month and save statement in database so we can print when needed in PDf or XPS format. More details How to save customers monthly statement in Database


I am trying to set up SambaPos5 for membership club. This membership club has 4 types of membership and their fee is different.

Male M 500
Female F 400
Juniors J 300
Family FM 900

I have worked through this

Name: First Last
Phone: 9009 0099
Unit: 3/F 3012
Building: Beutiful Bld
Street: Fine Road
District: West Dist , Country
Email: xxxxatmaildotcom
MembersId: L-9898
Members Type: M
Discount Type: S
Aproved Autopay: 1000
!!! Members authorised autopay amount
Is child of:
!!! Y if member is child of FM package.
Parent MN:
!!! Parents Membership N for child’s family membership package

Total 3 Departments and 3 Menus

I have created Restaurant Department and menu.
I have created Amenities Department and menu.
I have created Subscription Department and Menu

Subscription Menu has 4 items:

  • Subscription fee Male M 500

  • Subscription fee Female F 400

  • Subscription fee Juniors J 300

  • Subscription fee Family FM 900

Department Wise menu created so monthly statement can print out purchase of which department.

More details on the attached PDF file.

PM me if you can help to set up all above requirements.
Also PM me if you can do except no 5 requirement of discount.

Developer note.pdf (229.2 KB)


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