How To Add No Service Charge For Takeaway Orders?


I have my default menu, which has a rule to apply 5% Service Charge. How can i create a button that shall not add the 5% Service Charge on Takeaway orders instead of having to redo the entire menu again as a takeway menu.

Simply, i want to add a button when pressed, it will not add the 5% Service Charge on the Order

So how are you adding the service charge? Did you create a calculation type and define a selector with no header? Or are you using an action and rule?

I followed the following:

Only difference from the above is i configured just one tax (5% Service Charge) on my POS. So it applies the 5% Service Charge on every transaction.

I would like to perhaps create a button called (Take Away) which when clicked would not add the 5% Service Charge to that bill and also on the receipt print Take Away?

Or Can i create table called TA (Take away) in which any order is placed is free of service charge?

Ok so that is not service charges that is taxes. You wont be able to toggle that. You should be using Calculation Type for service charge. You can use a Calculation Selector to put a button on payment screen that can toggle calculation.

Taxes are not meant to be used for Service Charges but Calculation Types are.

This is a long read but it should give you idea. Its not a tutorial but a discussion with someone wanting to do the same thing. Down near end he resolves it and with our help was able to implement it. It should give you idea.

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Thank you i added a button for service charge, now how ever i am having an issue on the print out.

It seems to be adding the service charge automaitcally to the subtotal. It does list the service charge on the next line but the total is the same as the subtotal, my receipt is as follows

Also i gave the customer 200 off it shows the -200 round value in subtotal. Where as subtotal should be 700, then round -200 then service charge, then total

my ticket template is as follows:

-- General layout

<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}
<L00>Waiter:{TICKET TAG:Waiter}
<L00>Covers:{TICKET TAG:Covers}
<J00>Subtotal:|[=F(TN('{TICKET TOTAL}')-TN('{TAX TOTAL}'))]
[<J10>Total Gift:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]
<J10>Total:|{TICKET TOTAL}
<C10>T H A N K   Y O U



<J00>Change Due:|{CHANGE TOTAL}

<J00>- {QUANTITY} [='{NAME}'.substr(0,24)]|{TOTAL PRICE}
[='{NAME}'.substr(24,48) == '' ? '' : '<L00>    ' + '{NAME}'.substr(24,48)]

-- Format for gifted orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines

-- Format for order tags

-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}

-- Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME} | {ENTITY DATA:Phone}


Please help as on the pos screen everything is fine now except on the recipet as the service tax is already added to the subtotal.

People will help, you cant expect a response straight away every time, only been 45 between your posts.

Its right based on your template, just it looks like you happened to have discounted + service charge the exact amount of tax on the ticket.

It looks wrong because your not showing tax…

Change your subtotal to use {PLAIN TOTAL}

So instead of :slight_smile:
Subtotal:|[=F(TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)-TN(’{TAX TOTAL}’))]

It should be:
Subtotal:|[=F(TN(’{PLAIN TOTAL}’)-TN(’{TAX TOTAL}’))]


Well I dont know how you have setup your system and you ticket makes it tricky to follow since like i said you ‘just happened’ to have discounted the exact amount of tax…

I would expect if you have tax setup properly it might be + tax as pretty sure plain total is before tax and calculations…
You would really show
Subtotal: {PLAIN TOTAL} (exc tax)

Do a ticket without discounts etc firsat and get your subtotal right first…!"

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i added the {PLAIN TOTAL}, now my subtotal is printing fine & so is the discount and total.

Thank you for your help.