[Solved] Add remove service charge Button but continue to add it automatically on next sale?


I followed this Tutorial from emre:

My question is:

How can i add a "remove service charge button on Settle Screen, but continue to add it automatically on next sales?
i tried the toggle method described in the tutorial, but it seems to remove the service charge from new sales unless i re-toggle
Is it possible to automatically re-togle the service charge for new orders and just remove it on the order i say so?
Let me show you:


Add your service charge action to the ticket created rule, then every time a ticket is created the service charge should be added

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Alright, so i created a action for service charge like this:

And added to the ticket created rule:

but didnt work, i still have to toggle button on settle screen. :frowning:

thats because in the action you created you didnt tell it what the service charge was you left the AMOUNT field in the action empty so it wont apply anything

you need to put an expression in there for the amount you want to add

for the amount in the action put [:Service Charge] you can then define the amount in the actual rule rather than in the action

add this [={TICKET TOTAL}*0.1] in the action once added to the rule and it should add 10% tax based on ticket total amount

So i changed action as suggested:

and then changed rule to:
still, cant see it :frowning:

sorry for my ignorance, im still learning this great POS.

Leave constraint empty put the expression in the box not TicketTypeName. Plus he did not say put TicketTypeName. Slow down and look at what you have.

You told it to put TicketTypeName for your calculation if it met 10%. Pretty sure that wont work😊

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That [TicketTypeName] was automatically filled.
changed it, still cant see the servicing charge after a create a new order unless i re-toggle in settle screen. o.O

To make sure the rule is mapped:

try changing the rule from ticket created to order added instead.

Changed rule to order created, still no result.

This is my current service charge config:
calc type:

Calc Selec:
New Order rule:
Adding Order:
After Clicking Servicing Charge Created Header, it adds the charge insted of remove it the way i need:

After closing Table, Opening a new one is just same as discribed above. :confused:

Take the 10 out of the service charge calculation it should be 0. Let the action set the amount. Change the expression to [=TN('{TICKET TOTAL}')*10/100]

wow its doing the trick!
but service charge is now 1.9%

so try [=TN('{TICKET TOTAL}')*.10] But 10/100 should be the same thing.

Still not working :frowning:
With [=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)10/100] on new order rule, each new order adds 1.9% to the servicing charge.
with [=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)
.10] on new order rule, no service charge is added
with [=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)*10/100] on new ticket rule, no service charge is added to the ticket even clicking on remove service header on settle screen.

what i need is a fixed 10% service charge on each new table, and when needed, remove it on settle screen for that specific table.
thanks for your help however :blush:


[=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)*0.1]


tried on New order and new ticket

What a hard thing to archive, lol


[=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)]*0.1

Didn’t worked. nothing is displayed.

[=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)*10/100] the only formula that give some results, but i cant use it, since it adds per product added and 1.9% ( i need a fixed 10%)
[=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)*10/100] on new ticket rule does not display anything.