How to add quantity to Prefix for Order Tags?

It seems like it’s not possible to select the same Prefix + Order Tag multiple times. Also it seems that simply adding a Prefix to the Order Tag’s settings disables the ability to select an order tag multiple times even if you are not selecting the Prefix. In order to fix this, you have to delete all the Prefixes in the Order Tag settings.

Prefix = Grilled
Order Tag = Chicken

If we want to select Grilled Chicken, we choose the Prefix, Grilled, then the Order Tag, Chicken. Resulting in 1 x Grilled Chicken. However, if we want to change the quantity to 2 x Grilled Chicken, it’s not possible because attempting to select it again will remove the Order Tag.

Can you elaborate on the use case of this?

I’m trying to use Prefix filters to better organize the order tag screen and reduce clutter from the amount of the order tags visible because there are over 30 order tags for this product.

You can use categories for that. Have you thought about that? Show an example of the tags. I can help you organize it.

Didn’t know Categories for Order Tags was an option, I never used it and overlooked that it was an option in the Order Tag settings. I did a quick forum search and I think I got all the information I need for now. Thanks for the tip Jesse.

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