[NEW 4.1.70] Order Tag Category Tags

Order Tag Category Tags allows us to split order tag selection screen into different categories.

This is what you’ll have when you have a lot of tags. You need to scroll to see all possible tags.

I’ll configure a category tag for all order tag groups other than General

This is how it will appear. At first screen we’ll see uncategorized tags and when we click on a category button we’ll see groups tagged with that category tag.

We can click on back button to return to default screen. Other than uncategorized tag groups this screen will also display all groups that have at least one selected tag.

You can configure different category button colors with

<category tag>:<color> 



WoW great feature. This was sorely needed by several people in the community if I remember right.

Thinking of @Hasa in particular

EDIT: I am drooling waiting for next feature!

Christmas just came early. Thank You very much. I will definately make use of this and it will solve all my clutter problems. Now all i dream of is a way to replace my free tag button for each ordertag with a button that brings up a popup that has everything there already with prices. I have been testing at a restaurant and its not a big deal but it would save waitresses allot of time to not have to type every odd request out and remember the price for a 50 different odd requests.

Always looking forward to your new releases, like @Jesse said samba is starting to become a hobby.

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@Hasa, you prefer a drop-down because in your case, there are too many Saved FREE Tags and that would be too many buttons?

Curious to know, since the Order Tags can be saved with their price, as you probably realize…

Yeah I am aware of the save free order tag feature. Heres the way that I see it done in my old pos and it seems to work well for this in particular.

There is a button called modify that can let you do anything the waitress can think of. For example:

The customer wants pickles in their omelette (weird I know but it happens every once in a while). Now the waitresses are not very interested in making sure they charge for the extra pickle so I have to rely on them actually doing the charge and also knowing the prices of everything by heart. To fix this I would love a feature to replace the free tag button with another button that brings up a popup or other screen (up to emre how he does it) but that would basically be a whole other set of order tags. Now whatever you press there should act exactly like the free tag would (so show up in the same order as the free tag would.

I love the free tagging as well but I cant really count on my waitresses on being proficient with typing everything and charging accurately.For now it will do until I can convince emre to do it for me haha. @QMcKay

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Just got done trying out this feature. I really love what you did here, I just have one comment. Alot of times there will be occasion where there will be no general tags. Could you please make it so that if there are no general tags, hide the arrow return button and also auto select the first ordertag catagory,