How to Avoid having zero price / value ticket?

Hello all,
I’m very new to Sambapos and just implement a system 2 days ago to my cafe. I’m having an issue today. I found out there’s some ticket number that have 0 value on it. Some of it have items added before but then get voided by the manager. But the rest don’t even have any item in it, but the status is “Paid”. I’m not sure what the waiter did that can cause this.
But I can’t have any ticket in database that have 0 value, as this will became an issue if we get Tax audited in the future by the Government.
Is there a way I can avoid to have 0 value ticket. Even if all the items are void. Maybe if all item voided the ticket can not close, and the waiter must at least choose a dummy product that have very minimal value just to avoid it can be settled with 0 amount?

Secondly, how come there can be tickets that have 0 amount with “Paid” status, even though there is no item at all in it(Empty Ticket)? It’s totally empty, not like it used to have product but voided. If I search the ticket in tickets section and click on Display ticket content button, it will be like I click new ticket, as it will asked for guest number, etc and give me new empty ticket but the status is paid.

Here’s the screenshot of the empty ticket

If display click it shows like this
empty ticket 2

I’ve been looking around the forum but can not find the answers, as mostly don’t mind to have zero priced ticket.

Appreciate any help on this

Hi @Freddy,

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The only way you can have 0 value tickets is if all the orders inside the ticket have been Void or Gift.

And the only way you could end up having a 0 value ticket with no orders inside is if the Orders were selected after Void and user pressed Move.

You can change behavior of this feature by removing the mapping or making slight adjustments.

Manage > Automation > Automation Commands > Default Move Orders > Mappings

From there change those two columns to
Submitted and GStatus=

This will block your staff to use Move command on orders that are Void or Gift status.

Hello @Posflow
Thanks for your guidance I have follow it, and will see in the operational.

Is there a way I can avoid to have 0 value ticket even if all the orders in the ticket have been void?
Cause 0 value ticket will be a big issue for Tax auditor. They will think we cheat the tax by erasing the item.

Merging ticket will create 2 blank (zero items) tickets and create a new ticket.

There have been other members asking that same situation you are asking.

I started working on a tutorial that would leave the items on the original ticket, change the price to zero and copy the items to another ticket. There would also be a button to jump to the referring tickets (back and forth). Unfortunately, I have not had a lot of time to complete the tutorial. I’ll try to get it done in the next few months (time permitting).

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The best method for this is to use ticketlogs to show what happened to each ticket. You can easily log when an item is moved. That log will be on the empty ticket.

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Hi @Jesse
I’ll try that too. but the thing is ticket log is more for Post action instead of prevent the action.
I mean we use ticket log to trace what’s been done in the ticket, but the ticket itself is already recorded as 0, which is what I need to avoid. As 0 ticket is a big issue here.

Hi Bob,
I’ve disable Merge ticket button for all staffs, cause we don’t allow they merge ticket at all.

I think you miss my point. Having 0 price tickets can happen. If you have a log then auditors see it was not nefarious reasons.

Oh Okay, I got what you mean. But is there a way we can restrict having 0 price to happen?

You can restrict allowing 0 priced orders to be submitted, but you cannot prevent 0 value tickets happening if all the orders in the ticket are gifted or voided.

0 values are perfectly normal in any financial system and part of accounting, as long as there is trail of how/why that happened.

If your Government tax regulations require you to present your Gifted items or Voided items as sales, then you will have to create a custom report for your needs.

With all the payment processing development from SambaPOS for specific countries, it would be nice if we could see localization packages or configuration tasks in the future.

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Ah Okay, thanks for your explanation. I guess I just add ticket logs as a proof of whatever happen in the ticket

Hey @Posflow I feel this would be a good idea but can you clarify what you mean?

Hi Jesse,
I’ve made the ticket log for orders, void, move, merge, cancel items, cancel orders, etc…
But still this last 2 days trial I still got few 0 price ticket. And most of them looks like the item just disappears from the ticket, even though there’s no cancellation or move orders. Some of them don’t evfen have item added but the status is paid and totally blank, no items.
Is there any idea of what could make this happened? Is it possible it’s because I’m using samba mobile client (Ipad) in this new cafe? Cause this thing is really puzzle me… Appreciate if anyone can help to analyze this. Thanks Before.

I attached below few screen shots of all the 0 priced ticket today along with the remarks on the ticket logging…

Looks like your moving items.

Hi Jesse,
Seems like the problem happens when the waiter move table, the items in the ticket become disappear and makes empty ticket while all the items moved to new ticket.
Is this normal in Samba? HOw to avoid this?

Yes that’s normal. The items are moved. They are not moving a ticket. They are moving items. If they just want to move the ticket then they should use change table button. Not move button.

Move button is to move items to a new ticket.

Hi Jesse,
What I meant was move tables. So I see whenever waiter choose change tables, the items get moved to new table, but it using new ticket. The ticket of old table become empty and when it close it become zero priced ticket.

@Freddy I can tell you right now, that pressing change table, just changes the table entity and nothing else.

If it really does move items or some other things happen after Changing entity, then this is some custom automation you have. This is not a default behavior.

Hi @Posflow ,
Can I know which automation command that related to change table?
Cause I can’t see any automation related to it.

And I don’t think I ever touch default automation from Samba.

It is normal to have a ticket with 0 if you move the items. I mean it cant just delete the ticket… that would be worse and look like you are manipulating. But like POsflow and I said… changing table does not move items.

I think you are either not telling us something… or worried about something that is not an issue. Every country we operate in, including yours it is normal to see 0 amount tickets if you move all items to a new ticket. We do not Delete tickets that would cause audits to look illegal.