How to Bring ( $10 , $50 and $100) to Order screen

I need Bring this button to order screen how to do any one can guide me ?

need to bring in this screen

If I understand your question your referring to what are commonly called fast cash buttons.
See my video tutorial.

I think there is a config task but if your new to samba this is a great starter automation topic to start to expand you understanding and skill on custom work.

and your payment screen default buttons values are set as below

if i remember the * before the 1 and 5 only show the buttons closest to the exact payment total, so as you can see in my screen shot below the number 1 isnt there it has changed to £4 so you can settle by the exact amount. You dont need the 5 so that is removed and leaves the second 5 and the 10, 20 and 50 visible

He is asked my how to setup fast payment buttons.

The first screenshot he asked how to setup the buttons i showed

I’m pretty sure he highlighted those to say be wants to make.yhose on the ticket screen.

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I read it wrong :slight_smile: