How to buy and activate SambaPOS V5 Pro License?

well i custom the reopen ticket as the fórum say, what do you recomend me to do? unistall and reinstall again or what?

Depends on your setup but as samba runs of database uninstall doesn’t clear that.
Kendash said it may well be a licence issue.
Emre has been tagged so will undoubtably post before long (remember time differences for countries - it’s 1.30am here - so he may not be at PC)
Rest assured there will be a solution and no need to panic there will probably be a simple solution.

Try uninsralling delete tge folders then reinstall. log in to samvamarket and install then activate license.

Soery for spelling I am using voice to type.

For some reason multiple licenses with same key created in License table. While I’m checking that can you try deleting [MyDocuments]\SambaPOS5\Addons\Samba.Addon.V5PROLicense.dll file? You won’t be able to open POS screen but SambaPOS can start so we can try fixing the error. Please let us know if SambaPOS starts fine.

PS: I can refund your payment ASAP if you want.

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okey, i will be waiting, i unistall and reinstall and like you said, nothing happend

Have you delete this file?

@thisway you somehow paid it twice :slight_smile: I’m sorry for that issue and reported it to team for checking. I refunded one of your payments so it should appear fine on your CC Receipt.

License also created in SambaPOS so it crashed license validation code. When SambaPOS starts fine we’ll reinstall the license file and the issue will go away.


Thisway seems like emre found the issue, believe there has been some teaching issues with the new payment system - don’t let this unfortunate mishap put you off, he has rectified and you won’t regret your choose in pos software :slight_smile:


Hi, I just tried to purchase through the https:// version of the sambamarket site but I got the same error message first mentioned above.

Any suggestions?

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Hi @mjb2000, please send me the screenshot you got by message

I didn’t take a screenshot, but it was the same as the first one in this thread Error: /Modules/Buy

Hello i’m having the same payment problem and was wondering if you can help me with this?

Hi. @Dale Please check your credit card has permission to buy from internet? Please don’t select 3D secure option

i have checked and been using the card actively on the internet. I’ve tried without selecting and encountered the same error. what else can i do about this?

For those opening multiple store locations, and having a separate database for each store, you will need to create separate Samba Market accounts, one for each store. You can copy your menus, etc., between databases using the export and import functions.


Cannot activate please help, after sign in and click Activate button, notthing happen please advise

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Did you purchase a license from If so try logging into your account in then go to your database license module and reset the key. Logout of your market account in SambaPOS, Shutdown SambaPOS, then restart it. Log back into your market account in SambaPOS and try pressing activate. Let us know if this works.

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Hi @Mong_KP I am checking your license.

Yes, i buy ‘SambaPOS V5 License’, i will try as your advice now and will get back to you soon

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Still same issue