How to buy and activate SambaPOS V5 Pro License?


@Mong_KP I couldn’t find your username ‘‘mongkp’’ on database. You can activate the software after you bought it.


no see any product in my account profile, could you please check


Whats your sambamarket user name? They will likely need that to locate your account.


my sambamarket user name is mongkp


@Mong_KP I have sent a PM to you. I need some details about payment.


Thank you Tayfun, i have PM back to you now


I tried to buy a license for the V5 but it keep on having error.

here is the the partial screen.

My email is and the user name is WingoLED


Hello, I have sent you an email about the issue.


I have just replied with 2 emails.


My payment issue has been resolved by switching to Mastercard


@WingoLED Yes your payment was received by master card. Thanks


I am trying to buy a licence, but payment is not going though, I contacted my bank they said that the expiry date is been sent from the website wrong, i tried several time and I double check the expiry date every time but still. my username is terbo1977


Hello @Ahmed1977 Please try again without using 3D Secure option.


Thank you very much it worked fine, I hope activation will work also.


Of course it will work, if you have problem with activation please inform me.


I already create account in the forum, but I can’t use this account to login in the samba market. What should I do to activate the license? Is that paypal accept?


As of a few months ago you need to purchase the licence through a reseller.
SambaPOS’s website can help you find a reseller near you.
If you have issues contacting you local reseller I can sell you a licence though my website;
That link if for a licence only service where I set you up a account and allocate you a licence through my reseller panel, it does not include any setup/configuration of you system - although I can offer this service remotely I generally prefer to offer this to ‘local’/uk customers.


You don’t buy it from the samba market anymore, you should search the resellers section and find the reseller who is in your region/country and buy from them. They will be able to help you further with the process.


Thanks for your help. I already reach one of the re-seller help me to do that. Now my account already activated.:grin:


Hello there!

I need this urgently - I already have my POS set up but need to buy and activate sambapos.

Shall I go ahead and purchase the pos via the link you sent: