How to buy and activate SambaPOS V5 Pro License?


Feel free, am currently out of the office stuck in the snow but should be able to activate your licence within a couple of hours.



I already purchased it from your link - looking forward to activation!


All done, you should have had email from SambaPOS with your password and I have allocated your licence.
Sorry for the delay, we have had unusual snow fall in uk and almost everything has ground to a stop. Struggled to get to the office as only the main roads have been cleared but all done now.


@emre how to register on sambapos market or can you help me to register on new market


You need to buy a licence through a reseller.
The reseller will create your account.
Check on samba site for your local reseller.
If you struggle to contact your local reseller I have listing for V5 Licence Only purchase on my website at
Emre or SambaPOS as a company no longer sell v5 licences direct to end users.



I have been using SambaPOS V4 Since 6 months now, wish to migrate to V5 But I am unable to get any response when I am trying to register for License from any reseller on the marketplace website.

I have also already downloaded Trial Version of V5 but for activation of license I need marketplace account which i am unable to create. Could someone please help me with creating Marketplace account.



A re-seller has to create your account so that it is linked to theirs allowing them to allocate you a licence.
I have licence only available on my site;

It will ask for the email you wish to be used for your samba account, samba will send you the password generated after your account is created.