How to Buy modules from Samba Market


Hello, I have problem with modules as well. The install button does not appear. Mrazkovaaneta


dear sir emre,
may i ask why the module that already active since couple days ago is missing when i reinstall sambapos? my username is andre,thx for your help sir


That may happen if you change your database. Try clearing license keys.



I have just purchased Database backup module, under username cygnusice.

I have received email confirmation from paypal, but seems that I cannot see any module under My products in Samba Market.

Please assist.



I’ve activated your module and responded to your e-mail. Thank you.


@emre I have a question regarding the amount of licenses that can be purchases for these units. I’m in the process of setting up my own POS solutions business by integrating samba pos into the POS machines I import to sell to potential clients who want affordable POS solutions(The current market here is Monopolized). I don’t sell the software to the customers, I just sell the hardware and support. i Intend to purchase most modules and have them installed on each system as It’s more convenient and easier. Therefore having one account to have multiple licenses of modules which can be used and installed in more than one samba platform is really ideal. Can this be possible?


V5 will be released soon and it includes all of the current paid modules. More information will be released in next few days hopefully. You might want to wait and see how v5 licenses will work.