How to Buy modules from Samba Market


Yes that is correct file. BTW If for some RARE chance upgrading does break something @emre will fix it very quickly usually within minutes of you bringing it to his attention… so you really have no worries when upgrading versions.


thanks for your help. wish me luck


If i overwrite my desktop sdf with my new sdf from my laptop. i will lose my existing transactions which i dont want to happen. so how do i put the changes from laptop to my restaurant without overwriting the transactions?


i have used bought the module using my laptop, i am gonna use this in my shop which is in my shop? how do i transfer it with the function? also, is there anyway i can obtain the receipt from my purchase? thanks


On side:
Login, Click Clear License Keys button on My Products page.
On SambaPOS side:
Click Samba Market, Login, Click Activate button on your module and install.

You’ll receive paypal receipt for your purchase. It contains your purchase details and my contact info.


Bought the modules via sambapos with the same username, yet cannot seem to activate them. It says ‘buy’ again, if I click that it says ‘you already purchased this item’.

Im on samba3 so hopefully that isnt the reason, im unable to upgrade to 4 yet as my till isnt capable of handing W7.




SambaMarket Modules are only for v4.


crap… i best get me a update then.




I want to buy a module. But before that, I need to know one thing. Is there any limit to how many times I can Clear License Keys and reactivate it on another PC? Because I would need to do experiments first and playing with dummy entries on my PC before transferring it to my coffee shop’s PC. I wish it’s unlimited as long as the license key is activated on one PC at a time. Thanks.


It won’t disable unless it detects a fraud. As long as you keep your account private you can keep experimenting it.


Ok thanks. That really helps!


hi emre. i just made payment for database backup module. but my product page still empty. no product key or purchase date. the software keep asking for activation.

thanks in advance


I’ve activated your module. It should appear under My Products. Thanks.

SambaPOS V5 License problem installing

activated. thank you!


Hello all,
I want to start off by saying thanks for a wonderful program. I just recently found out about this software and was finally able to put a POS system in my restaurant thanks to you guys.
So after playing around with the software for a couple of days I decided to purchase a couple of the modules. There was a problem somewhere and I ended up paying twice for the Database Tools. Now I don’t need a refund, but maybe you could just active Database Backup for me?
Please let me know if this is possible.
Thanks again,
Lu Munoz


It is SambaMarket user lumunoz? I’ve also noticed double payment for dbtools and refunded one of them at 25 Feb. You can check your paypal account for details.

Your both modules seems active. Can you check > My Products? Can’t you see them listed there?


Thanks for the quick replay emre.
Yes it is username lumunoz and yes both DatabaseTools and CustomReports are active. Thanks for the refund I’ll go ahead and buy DatabaseBackup then.


I also got the pbm that the bought modules do not appear under My Products


Can you please try again? They should appear fine.


Got it. Thanks @emre