How to Buy modules from Samba Market

  • Install at least V4.1.26 version before starting this tutorial.
  • You can install SambaPOS paid modules on all terminals that are connected to same database. There is no terminal count restriction.
  • If not clearly specified there is no additional restrictions such as user count, time limit or usage limits for paid modules.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to buy paid Modules from website.


  • Create an account on Visit Modules page and click Buy button to complete your payment through PayPal.
  • After payment completes wait until PayPal redirects you back to website. If it does not redirect you automatically click “Back to Seller Website” link.
  • Navigate to Samba Market module on SambaPOS, click Login link and enter your account details.
  • Click Activate button on related module to register and install your module.


###Registering Account on website.

This is how website should appear on your first visit.

Click Register button to create a new account.

On next step enter your desired user name, e-mail address and password.

Clicking Register button will create your account.

Visit Modules Page to see a list of Available Modules.

For example if you want to buy Database Backup module, click related Buy button.

You should see the confirmation page. You can check details here.

###Making your Payment

Clicking Buy button will redirect you to PayPal Payment page. PayPal is one of the most secure online payment methods and you don’t need to have a PayPal account or credit card validation to make payments through PayPal.

If you already have PayPal account you can just enter your user name and password to continue. If you don’t want to create a PayPal account click Don't have a PayPal Account link

Clicking Don't have a PayPal Account link will display this page.

Fill details here and click Pay button to continue.

Check payment details once more and click Pay Now button to continue.

Wait until this page redirects you back to SambaPOS. If it does not click Back to Seller Page link to come back to website.

Click Back to My Products link to see a list of your Modules. Your new module should listed here.

###Activating module.

Open SambaPOS and click SambaMarket button.

Click Login button and enter your user name and password.

You should see your user name when you successfully logged in.

Now click on Activate button on your module.

It will Activate module and register details on your database so you can install this module on all terminals and you don’t need to have Internet access to install / uninstall this module.



I just paid for both add-on modules however the Database Backup is not appearing in My Products hence I cannot install it?

Strange, because it worked for me.
Did you log out and back in ?


Yes I did but no luck.

Did both payments get processed ? did you get an email from PayPal ?

Yes @JohnS, that was the first thing I checked:

Its not showing in My Products in Samba Market either:

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@Isaac can you see products listed on My Products Link now?

Hi @emre

Yes it has now appeared. Thanks.

After paying i might have hit the option to redirect faster. This might have caused the problem.

I just vnc to the server and installed it from my bath tub. How good is that!


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Hi @emre, i’m also having same issue. i have completed the transaction for one of the module, confirmation e-mail received from pay pal. Purchased product does not appear on my SAMBA Market account.

@morshed1 I’ve updated your account. Can you check it?

@emre, thanks its fine now

I can only see the option to pay via paypal. For some reason, paypal doesn’t want to accept cards from my country. Is there another similar service to use ? thanks

hi @emre i am also having the above issued i bpurchase two modules but cant view the second one my products…i have login in and log off also
i used username as abdulwahid


Hello @madiha. I’ve activated your modules. Thanks.

thanks @emre i manage to install

Hello Emre, I’ve also paid for Database tools and can’t find it in My Products. Pls help. Thanks

Hello @MaggiesPlaceNG. Can you PM me your Samba Market account name?

@MaggiesPlaceNG thank you for the PM. I’ve activated your module. Now it should appear under My Products.

@emre, Thanks. I have activated and installed it. Kudos once again to the SambaPos Team.

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Salaam Emre,

I have made payment for Database Tools and Database Backup and have not yet been able to activate it. Can you please check and let me know.