How to change ticket state before closing ticket?

Hi i did this tutorial

But now i want to change the ticket state when i click on “Close Paid Ticket” Button.
I want 4 states:

  1. Preparing
  2. Ready
  3. Picked up
  4. Closed (this one i need)
    I have tried it with the rule for the “Close Paid Ticket” Button, but it dont works…

thx for Answers…

Need to show your action that you used. That action could be anything we wouldn’t have a way to know.

here it is

Ok so your first mistake is you should never mess with default states. Leave that or you will probably mess up the rest of your systems flow. Instead create a new action and create your own state flow… do not use Status. Pick a different name… maybe KStatus for Kicthen Status… or whatever you want to name it and use a new action to update that.

The reason that did not work is because in fact it did work but there are other rules designed to update Status and it was getting updated again likely to Paid status.

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Ok I see your action and it looks like you are using a custom state… next question I have then is are you logged in as administrator or not? It is hard to tell based on translation though… is that a new action or are you using already made one?

yes im logged in as administrator…

Sorry translation makes it little harder to decipher… is that a new action you made or are you using the default one?

how you mean that? this action i maked only for update Takeaway Ticket for my Takeaway Screen.

and it works good, only tha last update state not works…

hi @Jesse
is there a way for that?
(sorry if my english seems strange its not my native language)

When are you updating it. I mean where is the button your pressing? Was ticket already paid?

yes the ticket is paid!

So if ticket is paid then to manipulate it you must reopen a closed ticket first. So you need the Reopen Closed ticket action and put it before your update ticket state action.

I tried like this but its not working…


OK so what rule is setting that state to say Retirado? I think your rule that is doing that is the issue. It is working but you have a rule changing it back to Retirado. Unmap that rule and test it.

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yes youre right, how i can fix that?

Create a different flow.

for example? :slight_smile: i dont know so much about the flows…

Ok well think about it… you probably have your state that changes to Regirado on the Ticket Closing or Before Ticket Closing rule right? If so … your new state your trying to do… look at the rule… your closing ticket again right?

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hmm… yes, the state “Retirado” its working with an “Before Ticket Closing” Rule. The new state i do with an automation command button, with an close paid ticket action and a close ticket action.

Key word is Close Paid Ticket… so if your ‘Closing’ a paid ticket… wouldn’t it make sense that it is also triggering the Before Ticket Closing rule.

Just because your doing it with an action and automation command doesn’t mean it will ignore the other rules.