How to close ticket in fast food store

Hi all

any one know how to close ticket in fast food setting?

when I set fast food mode and try to close ticket but I can’t

if any one know any trick please let me know


if payment is processed, the ticket is closed automatically,
if the payment is not yet made and you want to close the ticket, an easy way is to tag the ticket,
this way you can access it again easily.
ok the simplest way to go about this is to create a ticket tag first,
goto Manage --> Tickets --> Ticket Tags --> Add New Tag and name it to your liking (ex. Hold)

and put Hold also in subtags like so

and map it to all the users or to whom ever you like, like so

then save it and logout and back in. now when you tag the ticket, it then can be closed and and when you click the hold button when no ticket is created, you can access all the tickets currently tag hold
and will show up like this:

furthermore i personally like the ticket to close automatically, when i want to hold the ticket and to do that you can
goto Manage --> Automation --> Rules --> Add Rule and set it up like so:

and then go on to map it to all users again.
this way when you take the order and want to hold it, it will automatically close the ticket and then can be accessed again via the Hold button.
hope it helps.

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The moral of the story is, unless the ticket is paid you cant close the ticket without selecting a entity i.e Table or Customer.

This is something you need to adapt to if moving from v2. You can use the Ticket Tag Feature as mxood illustrated but I would suggest you use Customer entity. Once you get use to it, its a great feature and you can then view your Tickets in the Customer Entity Screen by their names. Here is a exmaple screenshot of the Customer Tickets Entity Screen when you have orders that are pending payment:

Just to expand on what @Isaac has suggested, you could create a Staff entity to assign tickets for holding to retrieve at a later time. This is good when you have only one login and multiple staff using the same terminal.


Thank you guys for quick response

In fast food mode when we ring up one customer and they like to order more or waiting for something than I can ring up another customer transaction so customer flow keep moving…

I like that automatic ticket close :smile:


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