General questions: Customers account, order for hold, holded orders list

Hi Guys!

First of all i would like to ask the many help what got from you.
Right now im more or less ready with my fast restaurant pos screen it is working i think well.
But right now , my other would asked to upgrade the system, before we buy it and use it, with the following functions.

We would like to use some regulars ( customers). i made pictures for it.
Righr now im able to search or/and add customer, but we would like to add the order to the customers balance for later payment.

I think it is come with the first or donno, make a button to hold the order and creat a new one if neccesary.
We dont have tables , i delete all the entities from the system, only the customer is in.

Open Customer Accounts

Simple Hold Ticket.

A little advanced.

More Advanced.

You can use search for even more ways to handle it.

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Fast and accurate answers ! Thank you Emre! i will do my best!

Hey Hi,
Am new here, I need help on the Hold Button. Followed the screenshots and instructions, Hold button created but Unhold option does not come.
Please… can anybody support.