How to close Work Period with open tickets

I’ve been looking for a way to do this that is easy and that the waiters wont struggle with, this is a old post from 2014 by @plume

It is super easy and is a must for those days you struggle to close a work period or for new evening shifts clocking in.

Sometimes all you need is on the forum just hid away somewhere, I thought I’d bring it back into 2018 for some new users.

Thanks plume from 2018!

It’s not something I have done and I think that for true work periods all tickets have to be closed first. But there is an experimental feature called “Virtual Work Periods” which has been discussed in the V5 Beta group. Perhaps one of the admins could add you to the Beta group so you can check it out?

No virtual work periods is released it is not experimental. You can activate it with latest 5.2.3 release. I use them and they are great. I only physically close work period once a week which is required for accurate stock takes.