How to create popup message?

I wanna know how to create a popup message when tickets are created with a ticket note. The ticket note includes detail of payment method for the ticket and the popup should be displayed when the user clicks on the display of the all tickets tab.

Are you sure you want to ask your customer how they are paying before they finished ordering?

You can have a Ticket Note popup automatically upon ticket creating, but anything that will be entered will have to be manually entered. It may be possible to use GraphQL to automatically input into the Ticket Note field.

If you use Ticket Tag’s, that may be easier to automatically information. But you will not be able to view ticket tags on the default Ticket Explorer screen. You can make your own Ticket Explorer screen. Here is a link to get you started:

Actually i wanted to this to work for delivery services. During the delivery services its actually sure how the customer is willing to pay so it wont be any problem.

You will need to create a new rule with a Ticket Created event. Constrain it to use only your delivery ticket type (or what ever way you have to distinguish your delivery orders). The action “Edit Ticket Note” should already be available.


It will look like this:

thank you for the reply i will try it now :slight_smile:

and how do i show the ticket note as a popup message in the ticket explorer?

sorry for the trouble though

You are probably referring to the Delivery screen?

When I referred to ticket explorer I thought you meant this one, located here:

Can you show a screen shot of your delivery screen, and where you would like the note to appear?

this is the delivery screen

this is the ticket explorer and when open a certain ticket with the display button i want the ticket note to be popped up as a message

You can use the Ticket Open event in rules to display the ticket. You will need to create an “Show Message” action:

Then put it in a new rule. The constraints I used in the below sample can be modified to your needs. The first constraint {NOTE} Is Not Null is checking if there is any text in the note field. The second constraint is checking the ticket type. You may have to change it to Delivery in you setup…Or not put it in at all, in which case anytime a ticket is displayed and there is text in the Ticket Note, it will display the popup.