How to Enable input by keyboard when cash in?

Hello i have some problem i am not use touch screen pc i use normal pc but when click settle and enter cash i want to input by my keyboard …How to do this please let me know ?

or other solution is i want to re define the money button if can please help me all developer
thank you all

Use the numberpad value entered rule to trigger actions based on what you type in POS screen

Here is the way

hello can you show me how to config it when we want to use keyboard when received money from customer …i try to do like you but not work

You can’t use keyboard on payment screen.


I’ve not tested that in v4 but I didn’t think it would work. Maybe I’m wrong.

You could tender payment using numberpad and keyboard…

  1. Follow this tutorial

After setting it up, this tutorial is next. (You need to clone fast cash button)

So, you’ll not needed to enter “payment screen”. You will enter your numberpad value from ticket screen and ticket will be paid as you want.

Interesting one will be options other than cash if using, might want to change card to break down to visa and MasterCard and add constraints to begins with C V or M and use that prefix before amount to set type, but not sure in v4 if that’s what your using about sliding the prefix off, know easy in v5 but not sure what functions available in v4 to do this.