How to Hide Orders in display?


Objective: Display only food items in Restaurant Ticket for same table, and Drinks items in Same Table of Bar Department.

I created Two Departments : Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant : Tables B1- 20, Ticket Printer, Kitchen Printer, Food Menu
Bar : Tables B1-20 ( same from restaurant ), Bar Printer, Drinks Menu

Current Scenario:
As i am using same Tables B1 till B20 in both Departments.
When i open ticket in Restaurant and select food for suppose Table B1, such as Soup1 , Soup2.

and then go to Bar and select B1 table, and add Whiskey1 , Whiskey2 from drinks menu.

It shows both Food items ordered and drink items ordered, in both the departments tickets of table B1.

How can i hide Drinks items from Bar department in Restaurant Table ticket display and Hide Food items in Bar Department Table Ticket display ? Currently its showing all the items ordered for B1 table in both departments display.

Also so that i can print them separately.

Hope You Understand

Can you show some screenshots of what your talking about so we are sure what you mean? I mean are you talking about a Ticket Lister Widget?

Sorry, i dont have screenshots. But thats the full desc about the issue.

So are you talking about a Ticket Lister or are you talking about the Ticket Screen where you actually take orders? I have to ask these questions without screenshots because your issue is not clear.

Or are you talking about only in Printed Tickets?

PS: To make screenshots just press Print Screen button and then open up a chat box here and press Control +V to paste the screenshot directly into your post.

Think hes talking about the pos screen ticket, so he adds food orders in restaurant and closes the ticket, then goes to the bar department to open that same ticket to add drinks to but he doesnt want to see the food he previously added

When using the bar department and re-opening the table to add orders he just wants to see the drinks on the pos screen ticket

Then when re-opening the same table in the restaurant department he just wants the food to show on the pos screen ticket and not the drinks

Thats what i think hes talking about, i dont think hes talking about ticket listers, just the main pos screen ticket

Im not sure if thats possible but you could use order groups to group all food together and then group all drinks together so when you are adding drinks or food they will be separated on the pos screen ticket into those two groups, and youll still be able to see everything that has been ordered on that table, food and drink

@Jesse I am talking about the ticket screen where we take orders and also during printing.

As i am using same tables numbers, the food and drinks items are seen both on display and final bill, even though i order food from restaurant dept, and drinks from bar dept.

so yes ticket screens and printing separately.

i dont know what is ticket lister.

also will this effect the reports system.

@RickH yes thats what i want. separate screen tickets.

I dont think its possible to have separate ticket screens for the same table, it will show all orders placed for that table. Ive not heard of anyone wanting to do his before so as far as im aware its not possible

Why do you want to do that?

Best you can do is use the ider groupings on the ticket to separate food and drink. You can create print jobs that only print drinks and food based on the groupings.

Alright, how can i achieve that.
Okay How can i separate the Food and Drinks ?
and how to not print the drinks items in the Print Bill.
But show them in the reports.

And if above is achievable, then i dont think i need Bar Department, i can use the New Drinks Category and use the drinks orders, it will display in the order ticket screen. but it will be display separately in drinks category and will not be printed in the bill. But will be saved for our ref.

@RickH Can you help me ?

Just had a quick look at some of the forum posts and looks like order grouping on ticket screen is a V5 feature so youll need to upgrade to use that

To separate print jobs search the forum thers loads of info, im sorry i cant help much further today its my daughters first birthday so were just getting setup for the party. Disney princess theme with a magician and then elsa and anna are coming to sing :grinning:

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Have a read of this to start, it talks about mapping certain areas like beverages to a print job so only beverages print