How to implement additional payment screen actions

…like deleteing payments and opening a closed ticket.

is there any doc that i can follow to try to implement these?

THANKS!!! and as allways, GREAT JOB, you´re the man!!!


  1. Enable More Ticket Actions Module from Samba Market. This module enables Reopen Closed Ticket and Cancel Payments action types.
  2. Create two actions for both of these action types. These actions does not have parameters.
  3. Create “Display Ticket” action and name it as Refresh Ticket. Set TicketId parameter as 0.
  4. Create an automation command, name it as you wish an place it somewhere suitable.
  5. Create a rule to handle this command and call first Reopen Closed Ticket and Cancel Payments action. Add also Refresh Ticket action to update ticket display.

let me try, to see if i get it to work!!!


I am stuck in 3, I try to create that action, but cannot…


Is it not saving the action, or do you already have that action defined ?
Do you get an error?

I dont know where to create that action since, in the action list REFRESH TICKET is not listed… or should i type it?


Action type will be “Display Ticket” and you’ll type the action name as refresh ticket.

OK, so far I have everything done… lets try!!!


DONE!!! Button cancel payments (in yellow) works!!

[EDIT, sorry for so many edits, ;i ma tired and had to understand what was going on]

Button works, as it erases all payments made, but, it takes you to the ticket screen instead of staying in the payment screen, and when you go to payment screen again, all ticket lines are gone… see attached screen. If you go to tables and then go back to that ticket, ticket lineas appear again.

again, sorry for all the edits.


Try removing “Refresh Ticket” action .

On next release this action will automatically refresh screen so it will work better when you place button on payment screen.

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Ok, great… I am in a small vacation or dsys off, we are back on thursday, and i will try it.

Thanks again!!!

Dear @emre, I am back, and redy to test this… so, should I erase the “refresh tiket” action?


PD you have been very busy sine sunday… WOW, great work, ongratulations!!!

Thanks again!!!

Yes no need to execute refresh ticket action. Just remove it from rule.


Thanks again for all the hard work!!!