How to Lock Ticket after Paid?

how i can change the rules to lock the ticket after paid.

I followed this tutorial but i want to lock the ticket after ticket is paid…

Thx for the Answers!

It gets locked by default, if it isnt being locked you have changed or configured otherwise, whats your issue?

Hi JTRTech,
no it not gets locked by default, but i want it.

when a ticket is paid, it shows paid but not locked with “locked” i mean its not possible to ad an order to the ticket. Maybe “blocked” is the right word. In my case i can add order to a paid ticket but i dont want it.
I have the workflow like in the tutorial described…
I want to know how it can be do, that the ticket is open and paid and locked or blocked.

IT IS! Trust me, default flow is when a ticket is closed with 0 remaining balance it is marked as closed which prevents any editing. I am not lying to you :slight_smile: if you can reopen a paid ticket and edit it you have changed the default flow.

I think that tutorial is for the scenario where you want to pay a ticket but not close (‘IsClosed’) it into ‘history’ and it remain on the entity etc until you manually close it. Is this what you have tried to do?

There is a ‘Mark Ticket as Closed’ action which performs the ‘IsClosed’ status of tickets. I expect you have edited the setup to stop this from happening to allow ticket to remain open but not built it back into your new flow.

You have shared nothing about your setup and what you have done which makes it impossible to make suggestions of how best to proceed.

This is the default ticket payment check rule which marks ticket as closed;

Does yours look like this? I expect not…

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isLocked and isClosed are different things.

But @JTRTech is correct.

  • isClosed = when the Ticket is PAID, it will be marked as isClosed (Ticket Payment Check Rule), which will prevent altering the Ticket in ANY way. That is, no Orders can be added, the Entities cannot be changed, etc.

  • isLocked = by default, when the Bill is Printed (Print Bill Rule), the Ticket will be marked as isLocked. Adding a new Order to the Ticket should automatically UNlock it, and if you want to change the Entity without adding an Order, you should have a Ticket Command named Unlock Ticket which when clicked will UNlock the Ticket so it can be edited.

Hello QMcKay,
my Workflow is this
A Ticket is Paid, but its still open, so that i can change entities or add order, like the workflow in the tutorial.

What is that Status? It looks like you altered the default status state. So did you also change EVERY other rule and action to work with that? If not then you broke your systems flow.

EDIT Nevermind that is paid…in German… ok so hmm.

How did you alter it so it keeps ticket open? When Paid ticket should be closed.

now i want to lock the ticket after it is paid too. Like the “Print Bill” Rule.

So you can use the default Lock Ticket action if that is all you want to do.

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Hi kendash
I did it like in the tutorial from Emre, what i described in the begining… :slight_smile:

Did you try the Lock Ticket action? That is what locks the ticket. You can choose what rule event you want to use. Or you can make a button for it.

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Hi kendash
yes i tried out with this action but nothing hapend. I want that the ticket automatically is locked after paid. Its open but its locked so i cant add an order.
this is what i tried out…

its all in german :wink:

Unfortunately I cant read German.


Change Entity buttons are disabled and seems like it locked fine.

How can you change entities?

PS: I think Cerrar Ticket is not German. Did you imported something? You may have state names in multiple languages.

Hi Emre,
hmm… youre right. No the states are all in german.
But why i can add orders anyway?
I want that my staff no can add more new orders to the same ticket which is paid…
like the “Print Bill” rule… or its not possible, lock a ticket this way after it is paid?

Im using the German language, but im preparing the system for spanish language, im waiting for the spanisch translation :slight_smile:

I explained this. The Ticket is Locked (isLocked), but if you can still add Orders, then it is not Marked as Closed (isClosed). Look at your Ticket Payment Check Rule to ensure it has the Action “Mark Ticket as Closed”.

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I didnt know that if the ticket is locked i can still add orders to the ticket, is there a way to lock the ticket for new orders even if the ticket is not closed?

Sorry for the detours… :slight_smile:

Use the Mark Ticket as Closed action. This prevents adding new Orders or changing Entities.

Is there no other way to lock a ticket for new orders?
I want if its possible to change states…

Well, you should explain your desired flow.

You could trap the Order Added event and based on a Ticket State or Ticket Tag, fire a Cancel Orders action to remove the Order, and reset the Ticket State.

But again, by default, when a Ticket Status becomes “Paid”, then the “Ticket Payment Check” Rule checks “Remaining Amount” to see if it is 0 (which it should be if the Ticket Status = Paid), and it fires the “Mark Ticket as Closed” action (setting isClosed=true), which prevents adding Orders. If this is not the case for you, then you have altered the default flow of the system.

Note that “Closing a Ticket” with the “Close” button is not the same thing as “Mark Ticket as Closed”. In fact, the “Close” button does not do this; it simply removes the Ticket from display, leaving isClosed=false.

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