How to Make Automatic Discount for Customer Groups


I want to Make Automatic Discount for Customer Groups.
Like this but i try many but not work.
Please give some idea about this.

Setup discount and action and use ticket entity changed rule to set discount

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Hello @JTRTech !
May you give me some instructions about How Make Automatic Discount for Customer Groups?

Lots of examples on the forum you just need to search, here is a tutorial I did

it does not above instruction.
Now i use sambaPOS V5

It does work you have done something wrong

You’ll need to share more detail and screenshots, which part can’t you get to work?

hello @RickH
if i using sambapos v5 and you instruction v4.
by the way, i have already tried.
how about this link instruction:

How do i know which i was wrong something

Thats a tutorial from samba themselves so you would expect it to work.
Id maybe suggest starting smaller to familiarise yourself with how the automation works in Samba.
I have done a handfull of basic video tutorials with explanatory voice-over.
Maybe watch this so you understand terminology etc so can better explain what you have done on the forum and better understand tutorials.

V5 was built from V4 all of the tutorials for v4 should work fine on V5, some may need small tweaks as new features have been added etc

I know it works because I wrote the tutorial and it works fine on my V5 system, therefore you must be doing something wrong

I suggest you go back through the tutorial to make sure you have created everything you need properly, check text case as any specific constraints etc need to match exactly

Without seeing what you have done no one can help you as we cannot see your system

hello @RickH, Below screen short are my configure !
# How to Make Automatic Discount for Customer Groups!!!
please check it and tell me what i am wrong or missed!

To start you’ve done a lot of thing differently than in my tutorial so you can say it doesn’t work then show a completely different setup

I’m pretty sure your ticket entity changed rule with the custom data constraint isn’t correct, ive never seen a constraint in that format so could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s why it doesn’t work and apply discount

My tutorial show that I created custome fields called Discount 10 and in that field is either a Y or N

Then on a ticket entity changed rule the constraint is { ENTITY DATA:Customers:Discount 10 } equals (or matches) Y

Then the action is the 10% off calculation

So when an entity is added that has a Y in the Discount 10 field the rules fires and adds the discount, if there is no Y it doesn’t add the discount to which I have another rules that fires to say discount not active on this account

Have a look again at my tutorial because what you have done is completely changed the setup and I don’t think what you’ve done are valid constraints which is why it doesn’t work

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hello @RickH
can you Please screen short your configure of automation customer group discount %

Hi all the steps and screenshots are already in my detailed tutorial below, im not going to retype something that already exists and works