How to make databased and void autorization

i am interesting with your POS software and try it. and i found out that its need to know about how to…

  1. we planning to make server as main databased and another station as order input and 1 chasier station, how to setup it ?
  2. user role for void, if user or employee want to void item or table must input a password but the log of void keep in the track, how to setup it ? i already try it but still user can do void without password.
  3. can i chance layout of table ?

thank you for your attention and im sorry for my bad-english



  1. [New 4.1.9] Asking Admin PIN for operations
    it for void pin operations

Database configuration

thank you @mishatrach for the info it help me a lot…once again thanks

thank you @emre this what i looking for…