How to print default kitchen ticket into 2 different printer?

In my default SambaPOS rules for printing kitchen tickets i have set the kitchen ticket’s print job to print into 2 printer in the same time, but instead of printing it into both of them, it’s only always printing into first entry in the print Job, i wanted it to print into both “Ticket Printer” and “Kitchen Printer” in my cashier computer.

Current setup :

I have tested both printer, and it working perfectly fine, when i am asking support they said i need to create separate print job/action/rule/etc ?, isn’t it supposed to be working as it is? or i am missing something, would be nice if someone please make a tutorial.

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You have to set a different print job. Putting another printer in same print job does not mean it will print twice. It will only print once. Setup another print job and action for it then put that in the rule.

Thanks for the tips and infos, will try it later on, because of the computer is far away from me.

Does the reply from @michael_linahan in here is also providing me the right path?

It would work yes but it may be more complex than you really need. All you need to do is clone the print job, action, and change the settings accordingly and insert it in the rule.

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I understand why someone would think it would work that way. What is the reason of being able to set different printers in the mapping each time rather than once?

@Prodigy here is a quick example of what Jesse was referring to by cloning the print job, print action, and updating the rule.


Sometimes you may want a single ticket to send drinks to printer a and food to printer b. But it’s a single print job.

That’s why we allow other printers and even templates. However a print job is a print job. It won’t print multiple quantity tickets to different printers.

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Understood, so the print quantity is based on the items in the ticket. Therefore you can send different items to different printers, but it won’t print those same items multiple times?

Correct. That is controlled by the action that executed the print job. But if you want different printers you need different print jobs.

Appreciated the effort :slightly_smiling_face:, thanks man.

I have defined in a single print job two printers (one for the drink and the other for the food). can it work with the same rule?

It should but I would have seperate print jobs so when you come back to update you dont have to remember that those drinks printed in ticket printer are setup within the kitchen print rule…