How to print the invoice in Arabic

I want to know how to print the invoice in Arabic and English and I tried to print it but it is printed randomly

What do you mean by randomly?
Multi language usually done using custom product tags and then adding that tag to the print template but you don’t offer much info on your attempt so far.

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This invoice when printed in English only on this picture system all its sizes are correct

But when I tried to print in Arabic and English and converted to this system and according to this PDF file and followed the same steps the invoice became incorrect and this is the form and will send a PDF file and the form of the invoice and the system that printed Invoice form
4.30. Using Multiple Languages on Order Template – SambaPOS Knowledgebase.pdf (693.3 KB)

Please give me the correct and detailed way to arrange invoice and in both languages
Thanks for your help

OK, so the spacing issue is your char count.
Changing to HTML negates the fixed width font of esc/pos mode which can make spacing a little trickier, but start by reducing your char count.

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Thank you for your interaction with me, but what does the difference mean? I did not change the words and I did not change anything. Just change from one system to another. If you have any pictures or video, explain the method of arrangement.

Slight contradiction there…

ESC/POS send digital letters to printer which printer renders in a font of equal width (ie each letter has same width). So you send a line as 42 chars.
HTML as I understand is rendered in windows and sent to printer and sent more like an image to the printer.
Since its HTML you could think of it like a website and if you change the width of the page it will cause line breaks where there wernt before.
ESC/POS acts a bit like fixed width site where if you went too narrow you would get a scroll bar or in case of printing trailing chars would be dropped to fit the set char count.
HTML mode is more like a responsive site where the line formatting is ‘wrapped’ to fit the width.
The difference in your case is the letter sizing in HTML is larger/wider than in ESC/POS meaning that 42 chars no longer fit on the width of printable space.

I change 42 The invoice is also printed incorrectly

Changed to what?
I would guess looking at your pictures 39 based on size and font would be right.
Dont forget no one can see what your looking at, you need to show.

ok one minute I try it and I reply

This invoice form on the 39 see the name on top is not full and the bill is small

Is this from a different printer?
Its torn rather than cut like the others.
Also I still count 42 cars per line on say the ====== with the ones that droped to next line…
Also font looks smaller?

printer ziglar when I print to HTML print like this


This is the last invoice I printed but there are no product prices. How to add the price I added it but it did not appear in the invoice

You have obviously changed your template. Guessing you changed it to not have price on it.
Cannot comment in what exactly without seeing your template.

Closing this since you made a new topic for this discussion.