How to Re-Order the same item(s) previously ordered in the same ticket?

Hi there,

Is the anyway to do re-order another round of drinks or item with a lot of order tags. I think it would be faster if we can select orders that already submitted to order the same things again (clone it) instead of go through all the menu to order each one again especially if customer just had the complicated custom order.


just re-print order to kitchen

It still need to add item(s) to the order/bill.

if the table is still occupied then you dont need to add items

How? I tried select item and click + and close ticket, nothing happen.
I think it would be great if @emre could add this functionality to + button.

like this

you can add quantity onlu if the ticket order hasnt been submitted.

if so you will have to reenter the order

I mean after order was sent (submitted status).
That is why I ask how to clone it.

My initial idea was to update quantity and change status to new but it will send order to kitchen more than 1

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then maybe it can be done this way when order selected show clone button on order line. once pressed selected order to be added to ticket

its a suggestion i am also not so much expert on it and i havent try this before.

Hi madiha, I was trying to get something like what you are describing going but didn’t have much luck in this tread.

I have since managed to get a reorder of a product with the same portion, but not with any order tags yet.

There is an action to clone a ticket, there was a discussion some time ago about quickly cloning a ticket search the forum theres definitely some info

I have it on my to do list to copy round of drinks by opening the last order and copying the order lines onto a new ticket

Just search for clone in forum, you could probably adapt the tutorial to you needs

The Clone ticket is to re-order the whole ticket into NEW ticket. This is to clone specific item(s) to the SAME ticket.