How to recover Admin PIN


I’ve tried search the forum but I can’t find it. I can’t search the SDF mentioned in another topic inn my PC or Sambapos folder as well. How do I reset the PIN for my admin role while preserving my entries, transactions and menu items?


Are you using SQL or CE? Find out by double clicking SambaPOS logo in upper left from Main Menu then look at top of window it will say CE or SQ on far right.

What DB type are you running? You just need the proper Query Analyzer for the DB and you’ll be able to search for it.

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During installation, I ticked SQL.

SQL I think. But I have no idea what’s SQL about. I just ticked it during the installations.

To get your password you would need to use a program like Microsofts SQL Server Management Studio. The password is stored in a table inside the database. The tool mentioned can query the Database to show you those tables.

Did you change the Admin Pin and forget what you changed it to?

I’ve already installed the SQL Server Management Studio. But I can’t find the SDF file anywhere in my computer mentioned in other topics. Is there a specific location where I should be looking into? Thanks

SDF file is only for CE installation if you chose SQL then it is not using SDF file. This is a good thing SQL is better.

Yea I’ve change the ADMIN PIN and I forgot. :frowning:

@Jesse, I don’t think there is an option to install SQL during SambaPOS installation. He must mean Local DB, which is CE?

No it now installs a local SQL install as default. Local install is no longer CE its a local SQL install now. It prompts you to download SQL Express 2012 and installs the localdb

I already installed the Management Studio. Where should I look into? :help:

Connect to the server it should just use your windows login… you should just be able to press connect. If it does not work then give us a screenshot of it.

When you log in on the left you should see Object Explorer expand the Server listed there to see Databases. Expand that to see your SambaPOS database. Click on the database SambaPOS4 to highlight it then on the menu ribbon at top press the New Query button.

Inside the Query Window copy and paste this code then press F5

SELECT        Users.*
FROM            Users

At bottom under Results Tab you should see your Users and left of that you should see PinCode

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Wasn’t aware of that; wondered what Local DB installation option was for; I thought it was for CE, my bad.

In that case, @teantattle2014, there is no SDF file to look for.

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It used to be until a fairly recent update… 4.1.4x I think.

@teantattle2014 Alternatively If you purchased the Custom Reports module I could give you a script to show it…


I couldn’t upload any image because I’m a new users. I couldn’t connect to any database as there is not any server name available for me to connect. I tried typing “SambaPOS” in the server name but it’s not working :frowning:

@teantattle2014 Go to Settings > LocalSettings is there anything inside Data Connection String?

Try now I gave you a permission.

Correct syntax for Server name for would be COMPUTERNAME\SAMBAPOS btw


I couldn’t find the settings as well. Suddenly I feel I’m so dumb lol :-S