How to reverse a sales in samba pos

I done a sales, then i want to reverse the sales.

Please help me

What you’re looking for is how to Refund an item.

Here you go>> How to Create a Refund Item Button?

I’ll have to go through that tutorial myself soon.

I think above link explain refund item but ticket is not closed. But actually i want refund or cancel a closed ticket…

Please help me

@riyas_k13 Please read this:

To be able to change payment type first you need to delete all current payments and re-settle ticket with correct payment types.

Implement this to cancel payments. Reopen ticket does nothing by itself. It is useful when used with “cancel payments” action.

emre said:
Enable More Ticket Actions Module from Samba Market. This module enables Reopen Closed Ticket and Cancel Payments action types.
Create two actions for both of these action types. These actions does not have parameters.
Create “Display Ticket” action and name it as Refresh Ticket. Set TicketId parameter as 0.
Create an automation command, name it as you wish an place it somewhere suitable.
Create a rule to handle this command and call first Reopen Closed Ticket and Cancel Payments action. Add also Refresh Ticket action to update ticket display.
Button appears gray because of the button mappings configuration. Take a breath, edit automation command that you’ve created for cancel payments, go to mappings page and clear “Enabled States” value completely. After this change button should appear functional.

Hi Isaac
samba pos 4.1.32… I don’t understand how this fetaure works.
I follow the Emre small guide …but it doesn’t work.

I make an order —I close the order … I return into the order that was closed before nothings happens when I click on the Button Reopen and Cancel Payment…I’m expected that:

  1. Reopen Closed Ticket
    2.Cancel Payments
  2. Refresh Ticket

Do you use it on 4.1.32?

Let me know




@Panda1263, Here is a quick summary of what needs to be done:

You need to Install the More Ticket Actions Module from SambaMarket. Restart SambaPOS.

Then create 2 actions. Reopen Closed Ticket and Cancel Ticket Payments

Create one Automation command called Cancel Payment

Then create one rule as below:

Deleting a ticket entirely as if not ever created is not possible with SambaPOS. You can create a refund ticket for return operations or cancel payments of a past ticket to correct payments.

However enabling cancel payments feature is not also suggested if you really does not need that. In some venues we saw personnel changes cash payments with credit card payments and use their credit card to receive some free cash…

I have settled a ticket. After settling that ticket want to refund. During the refund the settled ticket is never changed. The refund items want to be generate as a new ticket with new ticket number. The user can never change the closed ticket and the new ticket should contains the reference of old ticket. I’m using samba pos version 3

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i followed the steps above i didnt get the expected result

i had to pay 20 i click on 3 and press cash now i want to reopen the ticket to change 3 to 20 could cancel payment do that?