How to Setup a Cashback function

So we are trying to setup a cashback service to test. We are trying to get it working where someone can order something and then they can request for cash back which adds it onto their bill. We need it so we can add it into our custom report for end of day reports.

We need it to add onto a cash back area but remove it from the cash section.

Is this possible or will there be a work around.

I understand that there is many similar ones but none are working for us.

Thank you for all your help

I dont think thats what he means by cash back. In the UK you can ask for cash back when shopping so you can add an amount to get as cash instead of having to go to a cash machine

So you would have you ticket total of say £30 and you might want £20 cashback so that is added to you bill to make it £50

So £50 comes out of your bank account when paying by card and the cashier gives you £20 out of the till as your cash back

So you sort of pay for money using your debit card so we would need a way for samba to add a cash back product to the ticket to charge to the customers card but deduct that amount from the cash in the till as we are giving it out

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@RickH You have summed it up better than I could.

Yes this is what I require, but I also think a lot more Samba POS users would find it useful.

Hmm, I can see an action that could do that but not a rule that can process it?


Wonder if we could add an account transaction action to move the cash back account out of the cash account and into a cash back account so that will reconcile the cash balance in the till

Have the action fire when specific cash back amount products are added to ticket but only when the ticket is settled in full with remaining balance zero

So add cash back product to ticket, pay for ticket and then the account transaction takes place reconciling the cash in drawer amount. Ill need to have a play when i get time

but is there a trigger in rules to allow a selected product?

There must be because it kicks out a receipt when a gift certificate is ordered on my system.

Infact, maybe working on the gift certificate tutorial might be able to play with it to do just this?


edit: with the receipt being kicked out for the customer to sign to say they received the cashback

Yea you could add a ticket tag for cash back when cash back product added then have that tag hidden in your printer template with square brackets so it only prints when that tag is present and just add something to it like

“Cash back amount received, please sign”

Just to add a couple comments…

For UK, there is a maximum amount of cash back you can process per transaction, I believe it is £50. Also not sure about this but maybe you can check the cash back feature on your card terminal - can the cash back be any amount up to the maximum, or does it have to be in £5 or £10 increments?

Additionally, cash back is only available on debit card transactions, so you want to make sure it cannot be used with a credit card.

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That is what the PDQ machine would determine, if the card is allowed to do the cash back. But the cash back button would be used to keep a total of how much money went out by cash back and ensuring that the cash amount goes down due to it being taken out of the till.

I think if we can get this up and running it would be great as well as being very useful for a lot of us.

I have not tried it but we could probably do something with Execute Script payment processor similar to the prompts most major retailers have on their debit card readers asking if you want Cash Back.

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I’ve tried a few things like Rick's Tutorial 1 - Till Float where I tried to modify it and tailor it to cash back, however I was not able to get it to work as I required. So it would be great if we can get one made for this specified function

Looks like @JTRTech may have solved our cash back setup

EftPOS Cash Out with Ticket Sale