How to "Show Printed Bills"?

I want to see all the tickets that was NOT printed. Is there a way i can do that ? I want to create a report that will show you all the tickets that was NOT Printed ? Or maybe there is an easier way and i don’t know it …

Well, you can use ticket tags to know wich ticket was printed or not.
every time a ticket is printed you could update “printed” tag
so, the next step, would be create a report to list all “not printed” tickets


Or Ticket State would work as well.

yes, correct, blocked tate means printed… but after the ticket is payed… its still at blocked state?


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Well, it is not recommended to alter the default Status State for anything, so you would create your own to track the PrintStatus, or perhaps PrintCount.

Create a new Ticket State and give it a name that makes sense, like one of these:


Create an action for Update Ticket State. Name the action something like Update Printed Status and use [:variables] for all field parameters. In particular, use variables for these fields:


Create a Rule for Ticket Created Event.

Put the Update Printed Status action in that Rule and set the State Name to PrintStatus and the State to NotPrinted.

Find the Print Bill Rule and add the Update Printed Status action to the Rule, preferably before the actual Print Action. Set the State Name to PrintStatus and the State to Printed.

Now you can run reports based on the PrintStatus State of NotPrinted or Printed.

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You could go one further and use the state value to cound the number of times printed and put ‘copy x’ on the ticket aswell :slight_smile:


There are lots of ways to do it. This tutorial demonstrates logging ticket prints and reporting them.

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Thanks for your advises guys, i will try and let you know if everything went good. Thanks again ! I really needed this !