How to solve this some user total sale by cashier showing * as user

Hi guys some one help me to solve the Problem as shown in the snapshot it happens when we create Autolog

You have an automation issue.
I had this a while back, it’s either combination of close and autologout or manually created autologout when you have other actions which trick POS screen to reopen after it has theoretically logged out.
You will see when it happens as you will be on POS screen but there will not be a username in the bottom right.
The solution is you need to use an execute automation command with background set to true which makes it wait till all other actions have completed before triggering then in the resulting automation command have you logout action.

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I’ve found that when the Waiter adds another ticket to the same table the new ticket is created with ticket user = *. This only happens when the Auto Logout of the terminal is switch on. When the Auto Logout is not selected the ticket is created correctly. How do i add this automation caommand:

I’ve also notice that there are no User name at the bottom right corner when the new ticket is created with the Auto Logout selected, But the user name do appear once I deselect the Auto Logout. Any suggestion on how I can fix this?

No username/* is a bug when you have autologout selected and automation which tries to to do something after ticket has been closed (and logout triggered).
Dont use autologout and create an execute automation command to put in your rules where you want to trigger logout but set background field to true to make it wait untill ALL other automation is complete. Then a command executed rule with logout action.

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