How to stop customer accounts adding to my daily reports

Hi we have been using sambapos for a long time now in our cafe we have recently in the last day starting allowing regular customers to pay at a later date for this we have opened up accounts for each customer who wishes to use this service however when it comes to cashing up at the end of the day out tills are always down and we didn’t know why unroll I figured out what the issue was. When I customer adds an item to there account it automatically adds that payment on to our end of day reports even tho they have not physically paid for it it. Also when they they do pay there account it does not show up as cash or credit card on the report therefore making it very difficult to work out where the extra credit card slips have come from.

Is there any way of a customer account only showing on our daily reports once they have physically given us cash/card and also is there a way of showing the payment type ie, cash or card on the end of day report please?
Many thanks

Search for account statements topic, some good points in there.

If you are using unaltered reports the till cash and card wont be down against report values but your cash and card will be less than sales with the difference being the account payment types.
Account payment is the marked payment along side cash and card.
Sales are processed in that work period and the payment type is account.

In theory all you should need is a way to show your account balance payments (cash or card paid into account)
To have a proper report you would also was a ‘ledger’ to show the carried forward balance.

BF account balances

  • new sales
  • new pos payments
  • new account payments
    =CF balance (new total of accounts carried as debtor balance)

Here are some good links;

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