How to Transfer ticket from one department to another?


If any one know how to transfer ticket from one department (Pickup) to another department (delivery)? and vise versa ?

when customer change their mind than I need this.

Have you tried the Change Ticket Properties Action?

Hi JohnS
Change Ticket Properties action ? where I can see this ?

Here is the example what I want to do

I have 2 department Pickup and delivery
customer call and I create a ticket under pickup department than customer call again after 30 min and want us to deliver the food.

I can see ticket in pickup department but now I want to move it to delivery department so I can select driver and it show up in report too.

let me know how I can do this?

2 Departments / Ticket Types
1… Pickup
2… Delivery

Change to suit your naming.
I can’t fully test this as I don’t have a similar setup I can use.

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Hi JohnS

I set up this way but after clicking the change to pick up button. nothing happens.

may be something is still need to setup in order to work.

hope anyone can put some light on this.

You may need to refresh the ticket.
Add the following Action, then add it to the Change To Pickup and Change To Deluvery Rules.

Hi JohnS

Which action do I have to add ?

can you please give me some details? :smile:

also I have CE database and see if you want to try on it than I can send you sdf file so you can test it.
please provide me email address and I will send attachment.

Add this Action if not already in your setup.

Then add the Display Ticket Action to Change to Pickup and Change to Delivery Rules. You don’t need a value for the Display Ticket Action as it will refresh the current Ticket.

Hi JohnS

after adding this action still no effect. even if i click on that still it same place

any another setting am i missing ?