How to update Ticket Status before closing it?

Is it possible to change ticket status? And define custom status?

Example: After taking our customer orders, new open tickets are automatically created. Now our staff works on those open tickets but we want to mark some of them as “served” or “shipped”. So that our kitchen staff can concentrate on other tickets that are not “served” or “shipped” yet.

Also it would be nice if we have a counter beside each ticket to see how well our staff are doing and to motivate them to work quicker (for the time being the “OP-CLs” is good but a timer would be easier to notice how long have this customer has been waiting for his order.

Have you looked at creating a kitchen display system? Just about everything your asking for can be solved using a kitchen display system.

Look through the tutorials there are a couple good ones showing you how to make one. Here is the most basic version: