Setup Courses - different serving areas on same order.. with entity screens

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to prepare a Kitchen & Bar display to notify staff for new orders.

We’ll start by creating action to update orders’ display state.

We want to update beverage orders display state as Bar. We’ll create Order Added to Ticket rule to handle this.

Hint: Create a default mapping for all rules that we’ll create on this tutorial. For simplicity I’ll skip that step for remaining rules.

So when we add an order to ticket it’s display state becomes Bar if it is a beverage.

Now we’ll update non-beverage orders’ display state as Kitchen. I’ll create another rule.

Don’t forget adding default mapping…

If order’s state is not a beverage we’ll update it as Kitchen.
Let’s create a ticket to test how it works.

We should see BAR under beverages and Kitchen under other orders. If it does not work please check your rules and mappings.

Now we’ll create a custom entity screen to display Bar orders.

I’ve named it as Bar Display and set View Mode as Custom. We won’t create tickets through this screens but I have to set a Ticket Type and and an Entity Type to be able to save it.

As always don’t forget to add mapping…

After saving it switch to POS and you should see Bar Display on top navigation.

Enable design mode on this screen.

… add a Ticket Lister Widget

Drag it multiple times until it reaches bottom right corner of the window.

Resize it with top left handle until it reaches to the top left corner of the window.

Right click on widget and click Settings menu item.

Update Order State as Bar and type desired Format. You can change format as how you want to display tickets.

[<T>Table - {ENTITY NAME:Table}]

This ticket lister lists a ticket if it contains orders marked as Bar and it will display only Bar items.

Bar staff will see Bar Orders on this screen. We’ll create a Order Ready button so bar staff can remove bar items from this list.

We’ll create an Automation Command for that.

We can assign this Automation Command to Ticket Lister widget. Edit Bar Screen and edit settings to set Automation Command.

It displays a button under widget.

Now we’ll handle this button with Automation Command Executed Rule. But before creating this rule we’ll create an action to be able to load a ticket and change it.

This action loads a ticket with given ID.

… and this action updates Ticket’s Service state. When order’s ready we’ll also update Ticket’s Service state.

Now we can setup Automation Command handling rule.

We’ll call Load Ticket, Update Bar Orders’ state as Ready and close ticket. Next screenshot will show action parameters.

We can test what will happen when we click on Bar Order Ready

It should disappear from list. Open ticket to check if states updates correctly.

  • Ticket’s Service State became Ready
  • Kitchen orders states remains Kitchen
  • Bar orders states updated to Ready

Next step will be creating a Waiter Screen so staff can track Ready to Serve orders.

I’ll create a clone of Bar Display Entity Screen.

Rename it to Waiter Screen. Switch to POS > Waiter Screen and edit Ticket Lister properties.

I’ve changed State to Ready and Order State to Ready. Also while I’m editing this screen I’ve renamed command button to Orders Served. We don’t have this command yet so we’ll configure it on next step. After saving this screen please check if Ticket displays properly.

Waiter can see Ready to Serve orders.

We need Orders Served command.

For simplicity I’ll clone KD_Bar Orders ready button rule and change it as follows.

… and configure actions as follows.

This action will clear orders’ Display State and also ticket’s Service State.

We can test how waiter screen works. Clicking Orders Ready button should remove ticket from screen and ticket should be updated as follows.

  • Ticket’s Service State cleared.
  • Kitchen orders’ display state still remains as Kitchen
  • Bar orders’ display state cleared.

Finally we can clone Bar Display to create Kitchen Display

I’ll edit Kitchen Display widget settings to display Kitchen orders.

As we can see on the screenshot I’ve changed widget to display Kitchen Orders. I’ve also changed command to Kitchen Order Ready.

Now we’ll create this command.

… and I’ll clone KD_Bar Orders ready button rule to create same rule for Kitchen Orders.

I also need to change Display State action parameter to Kitchen.

It should display Kitchen orders and clicking Order Ready button should remove item from display.

Now Waiter Screen should display this ticket and clicking Served button should remove it from list.

On next part of this tutorial to show how to display notifications on table screen to notify staff about ready orders.