How to use barcode printer with sambapos?

Hi everyone,

I would like to use sambapos for my retail shop,
I have one zebra printer for printing barcodes for my products.
How to print barcodes using sambapos.

We dont have access to the barcode field to do what you want. Youll need to add a custom tag and call it barcode and fill the barcode in there

You can then use automation to attempt to print barcodes for your products using a ticket template

Ive not attempted this yet so dont know how doable it is

Unless you used SQL report expression to pull but don’t use barcodes so never even looked at where barcode is stored and probably not best way to do it.

See, I am not talking about printing barcodes on tickets or reports.
Some of my products/ Items does not have its own barcodes, so I want to create barcodes for them and it should printed with some barcode printer.

Sambapos is restaurant POS, it can function as retail but it’s really for restaurant. Printing Barcode is possible using printer template and a label printer but you would have to manually edit the template to match each item Barcode every time you print one. It would be very labor intensive.

Perhaps @Emre could give us a printer tag for the items Barcode field? Or maybe a custom report tag even better.

There is a Printer Tag for Barcode Field as shown in the Product properties…


You could even use a Custom Product Tag if you want (ie. “MYBCODE”), and use that Tag in the same manner via Ticket Printing:


But those are for Printing on Tickets, not for making labels for your Inventory, which is what I guess you are wanting. Inventory does not have a Barcode field, nor any other Tag support for that matter, so even if you develop an Inventory Report, there are no fields like Barcode to put in your Report.

Thanks for your Help

I meant a tag for the Barcode portion of product.

If we had a Custom Report Tag for this you could create a Report Layout that you in theory could manipulate to print on label printer. It wouldn’t be simple task…but seems possible.

EDIT: Just saw your post Q lol. I wasn’t aware of that tag.

I am up way too early this morning need to let my brain warm up lol. I think it all boils down to the fact that this is a Restaurant POS that happens to have features that lets you run it for Retail but its focus is Restaurant as a result we wont see many Retail focused features purposely added.


@Khaleel_Rasakh there was a previous topic about printing barcode labels for products. You can take a look here and probably setup something that would work for your needs:

I added some extra insight to another post about this as well