How to use Database Tools Module

Database Tools Module is an Add On Module for SambaPOS. You can install it through SambaMarket.

When you install Database Tools Module Database Tools link will appear under Management > Settings section.

##Database Tasks

On the main screen you can see Database Tasks screen. You can select an action from the list and click Execute Task to start the task. I’ll give more details about Database Tasks at the end of this tutorial.


On tools screen there are two useful tools.

###Import - Export

You can partly Export SambaPOS settings to a TXT file and Import them to merge settings with another database.

Current version of Database Tools module does not support import & export products and entities.

Click Export button to export your configuration.

Choose items you want to export, type a file name and click Export button to export settings.

You can right click on this screen to access helpful function such as automatically selecting Actions or Automation Commands from selected Rules.

You can click Import to import & merge configurations with your database. If not disabled it will automatically generate a backup before importing data.

###Training Mode

When you enable Training Mode SambaPOS will automatically take a Snapshot of your database and prepare a training environment that works separately from production database. It is useful when you want to try a configuration or show something to a new waiter from a terminal. Disabling Training mode will switch back to production database. Enabling training mode from a terminal will always create a new database so it is safe to start Training Mode from multiple terminals simultaneously.


Database Tools Module adds two Actions:

Change Database Connection: This action is useful to temporarily switch to a different database. You can execute this action from all rules such as User Login so when a specific PIN code entered that terminal can switch to a different database.

Execute Database Task: This action starts a database task.

###Database Tasks

A database task is a SQL script that are stored as a file under [My Documents]\SambaPOS4\Database Tasks folder.

You can create a SQL Script file here and execute it through Database Tasks interface. Alternatively you can setup Actions to start these tasks on specific cases.

We support 3 file types

SQL Scripts: Ends with .sql extension.
Batch Files: Ends with .bat extension.
Visual Basic Script Files: Ends with .vbs extension

You can use specific naming for better handling execution. You can name files that starts with these function codes:

  • C Asks confirmation before starting task.
  • B Creates backup before executing task.
  • L Logouts user after executing task.

Function codes needs to be typed inside square brackets. No special ordering needed. For example if you name your task as [CL]Clear Menus.sql it will ask confirmation and backups database before executing Clear Menus task.


I tested the training mode and It seems that changes made to certain module such as “Database Backup Module” 's settings will not be reverted even after disabling the training mode.

Is that intended?
Are there anything else that won’t be restored after training mode? (local setting? Other module?)

I’m just wondering so I can tell my family not to touch certain settings even in training mode

Thanks in advance

When you start training mode it starts working with a clone copy of production data and when you end training mode it reconnects to production data. However some configuration data stored locally so they won’t get restore when you end training mode. These are Local Settings, Backup and Database Tools modules configuration. Also locally saved screen configuration such as data grids’ column appearances or screen zoom ratio won’t get restored.

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I see, Thanks for for the heads up :smiley:

@emre the module works beautifully, but could I suggest adding tax templates information to the export?

@Emre Hi I have bought and installed the database tools module ok. However when I try to start the training mode, the button for it is greyed out and will not run. How do I get this mode to run. I am using local CE database for Samba


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training mode Only works on sql Server database,
not SQL Compact Edition CE database

… also training mode is useful to use a single terminal as training terminal on a multi user environment so changes on training terminal won’t change production data. Since CE is single user database just creating a copy of SDF file will do the job.

I cannot really think of a reason why you would want to edit Local Settings, Database Tools, and Backup while in training mode. It seems like to me a Training mode is to train employees on the business side of the POS not the admin side.

Can you help me understand how can I apply changes I made from my laptop running samba on CE to my live desktop without affecting the data on my live desktop.

this is because if I finished the changes tomorrow and apply it to the desktop it will override transactions done today on the live desktop. because my laptops data is only up to today.

i installed sambapos 4.1.75 but couldn’t see the database tool under sambamarket? and the database setting not under the manage->setting?

solved after restarting sambapos few times

Hello I made me try a lot of the same database, and now I get this the rope.
Merhaba aynı database üzerinde çok fazla dene me yaptım ve artık bu hatatı alıyorum.

hi! I can’t actívate datebase tool… when i join the market it seems only the db tool in gray color so i cant click on it… I already reintalled the program and I already reintaled the program a couple of times…

You purchased it already? Go to

yes I already bought it and take a db from my pc but im opening 2 more coffeeshops and I want to export all the info… I did once but in the other pc I wasnt able to do it… this the way i stuff

If it is a new Database you would need to clear licenses from your market account.

@Jesse can you please confirm me that if i will purchase the data base tools Module, Will It Work To Software i have installed in my PC, I Mean Will Purchasing data base tools work or not.
I Am waiting for your humble reply @Jesse :frowning:

If you have v4 then yes it works.

@Jesse i have V 2
Will It Work Or Not ???