HTML Widget URL: setting URL value with Set Widget Value Action

Not that part @Jesse. In the Action, not the Rule…

You do not need URL:

Thats the only thing I see there.

I use a system similar to what your doing for TimeTrex let me find out how I did it and ill show you.

So how do we know which “value” we’re setting for the Widget? Because the URL is clearly not being updated…

The relation with automation command will not match atm… I am redesigning a lot I had to remake this to show what I am doing.

I was using buttons to control the login sorry If I confuse you.

It passed the value I had in the button over to the Change Widget action. It inserted Current user and i never could get it to insert a password I assume I could just store password somewhere and bring it up with a tag but I never did figure that out.

@QMcKay all widgets accepts values individually. If you set a value for html widget it uses it as URL or if you set a value for entity search widget it uses it as a search value. So you don’t need to identify value as they only accepts singe values.

I’ve implemented setting support for URL’s so you can do the same thing without using less rules and actions.

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Are you suggesting I need to use an Automation Command button Rule for this? I simply want to capture User Login Event and set the HTML Widget URL. I can’t get it to work with that event… or perhaps the Address Bar just doesn’t reflect the proper value?

No that was how I was passing it. Look at how i setup my action. I am letting value determine it. It could be that your syntax for your address bar uses a reserved char… I ran into this using # in mine… he fixed it while back to allow #. Before he fixed it… anything with # it would skip and not update url. it would just update to html:\\localhost\interface\html5\

Can we get a way to access {:TERMINAL} or [:Terminal] while we’re at it? I would expect that Login should capture this somehow. I don’t need it for my purposes since I only have 1 Terminal, but it would make things more complete.

I can’t get this to work, even without reserved characters…

I must have to do with the User Login Event not being able to change the value of the HTML Widget on the custom Entity Screen, possibly since the screen isn’t loaded. Using an Automation command embedded in the screen along with the HTML Widget must work, since they are on the same screen, and the screen is loaded and in focus with both Widgets placed on it.

@QMcKay when you switch to that custom entity screen widgets get refreshes so it reverts back to old url that configured through settings. Disabling Auto Update setting for the widget may solve your issue.

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Ah i forgot he is going to the screen technically AFTER the command to update widget is passed. This makes sense. My case it was passing it while screen was already loaded.

Tried that, still a no-go.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion though @emre, I got it to work this way…

or …


I noticed something… I was adapting my use of a button widget… it does not pass {:CURRENTUSER} into the action correctly if its entered in the widget Command button value box. The action is executing it as {:CURRENTUSER} instead of reading it and inserting the actual value.

It should have returned Admin for {:CURRENTUSER} instead it returned {:CURRENTUSER}

So it looks like Command Button Widgets cannot pass {:} syntax into the actions if the action is reading the Widget Command button Value Phew think my head hurts trying to explain this lol

Instead of passing it as a command value you can do it (read current user) inside rule that captures the button click.

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Hmm good idea. I am revisiting this anyway soon. I had planned to redo some of my timetrex to incorporate our new Load Entity stuff. I just wanted to finish simplifying my system first. But @QMcKay got me thinking about it today haha.

What I want to do is store a unique pin # for an Employee Entity and this pin # can be read as a password to be passed to Timetrex. I think I got the Samba setup of it figured out… I just need to get my Timetrex implementation to read &password={:ENTITY DATA:Employee:Pin} Did I get that right or did i miss something?

{:ENTITY DATA:Employee:Pin} is that right syntax to pull a stored value I defined as Pin for Entity? how would I tell it what Employee is?

There is no need to tell a rule something it already knows :slight_smile: Widget’s command parameter is useful for passing static values.


Remove the first colon, since it is a Printer Template Tag…

{ENTITY DATA:Employee:Pin}

I think I am over thinking it… employee would have been set already by load entity … duh

@QMcKay your right I did not mean to type the : my brain made that connection because its what we were using previously in the post… I did not mean for my brain to do that haha.

Anyway I will stop here. When I am ready to implement this and if I run into trouble I will make a separate discussion for it.

I think you can store employee pin as a local setting where you load the entity. After doing it you can access it anytime with {:EMPLOYEEPIN} setting.


That is a better idea as it would hide pin# thank you I will use that idea.

I mean I can set it to make the Pin custom entity data hidden. Once again My fingers spitting out my thoughts when I did not mean for them too. Sorry if I just confused you lol. I want that hidden because I may use an entity search widget for some of the stuff I am doing. I do not want the chance of Pin showing up.

When an idea triggers another idea in my head I start to sort it all out and I may accidentally type my thoughts as they are sorted without any of the actual methods for them lol. I have to actively catch myself doing this so I do not confuse myself or anyone else.

Sometimes I wish my brain would was restricted to work in one state at a time like a computer it would help keep multitasking more organized lol anyway thank you you inspired me with some future projects.