I can not see card sale transaction in daily report

Hi everyone!! i´m Brian from colombia. First of all my native language is spanish so i´ll try to do my best to be clear with my questions.

I follow the following tutorial to add a cards for costumers, but when i charge money in a member account i can not see it at the end of the work report.
My idea is to use that feature because costumers pay me in advance and is like a day sale.

This is the link of the Custom Simple Loyalty Card Feature that I Follow.

Hi Brian,

Sorry for the delayed responds. Welcome to the community!

I do not use the setup you posted above. But I’m goin to guess that you may have to use Accounting Reporting.

Lets start by creating a new report. After you get it working, you can copy it over your end of the work report.
Go to Manage → Reports → Reports → Add Report
Copy and paste this into the report section and preview it:

[Member Card Sale Transactions:2,5, 1]
{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Sales Account:Member Card Sale Transaction}
>Total||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Sales Account:Member Card Sale Transaction}

I’m not entirely sure I have the correct report tags to get the report you are looking for.

Here is a link to the knowledge base page of how to create Accounting Reports:

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Hi Bob!! thanks for your help!! I tried to do everthing i could but it doesnt work. If you have another turorial or idea for Loyalty Card could be great!!!